Celebrating the end of deportation of many Indian students in Canada

Government sources have welcomed the Canadian government to take a humane approach to the issue from the students’ point of view, reports All India News Radio.

They added that most of the Indian youths went to Canada during 2017-2019 and some of them obtained work permits after completing their studies.

They explained that due to loopholes in the Canadian system and lack of due diligence, the students were issued visas and were also allowed to enter Canada.

They noted that the continued efforts of the Indian authorities were instrumental in Ottawa’s decision.

Official sources said the number of students is much less than the 700 students reported in the media.

They also certified the existence of meetings on this issue between the foreign ministers of India, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, and of Canada, Melanie Jolie.

They said that the foreign secretary, Saurabh Kumar, also raised the situation of young Indians during his visit to the northern country last April.

According to official sources, the Indian Consulate in Toronto, where most of the students reside, has received many of those affected.

They said the central government in India had repeatedly urged the Canadian authorities to do justice and take a humane approach to the case.

They noted that Canadian parliamentarians from all political parties have expressed their support for the students.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has indicated that his country is actively seeking a solution for international students facing uncertainty.

For his part, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged that young Indians should be treated fairly.


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