El Salvador, Honduras, or Canada are potential competitors for the Olympic pass

The The Mexican national U-23 national team s United State He will meet his opponent today to play the semi-finals of CONCACAF Pre-Olympic Course for Tokyo 2020.

The savior They will try to impose their hierarchy and stay with the victory that allows them to advance to the next stage before a Haiti Their pre-Olympics participation started really badly and last day they fell 3-0 against them Honduras.

On the other hand, they are Honduras s Canada, Who also want a guaranteed presence in the next round. Cratcho have all they can, because not only is a draw enough to advance to the next round, they will still be the captains of Group B.

That way, if there is a winner between Haiti s The savior They have to wait for results Honduras s CanadaBecause with the defeat, but by goal difference, I will put them in the next stage as competitors for the team. Jaime Lozano.

In the case of a combination Canada Lose, can also be a Tri competitor; However, it depends on what Haiti s The savior Do not tie points and overtake them with goal difference.

In terms of goal difference, Honduras is in the same position, where it could also be a competitor Mexico I would like to wait Haiti The The savior Don’t tie them to the dots.

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