Christina Kirchner appeals to a “small gesture” from the United States to agree with the International Monetary Fund – 03/25/2021

In her first speech this year at a public event, Vice President Christina Kirchner Yesterday Wednesday confirmed that Argentina, If no agreement is reached with International Monetary Fund, Will not be able to repay the $ 44 billion loan granted in 2018, and the United States demanded “some gesture” in favor of the negotiations.

“We cannot pay because we do not have the money to pay it,” he said at the ceremony marking the 45th anniversary of the recent coup.

In her speech, in Las Flores, Buenos Aires, she criticized Christina Kirchner Economic model The military regime, which contracted “huge debts,” “the largest political period except for the period that has been contracted now in the past four years,” he said, in reference to the government Mauricio Macri.

He also pointed out United State And its impact on the International Monetary Fund. “Can we not claim or ask (the United States), and ask with all sweetness, all the sweetness and affection in the world, that it is time for them to make us some small gestures?” Between the fact that they staged the March 24 (1976) coup, between the fact that they served the English in Malvinas war … “, he said.

In Christina Kirchner’s view, the United States played a “central” role for the IMF to grant A $ 44 million loan The Macri government has “violated all articles of its statute.”

Good it was another government (Donald Trump), not (Joe) Biden’s government. But under this criterion, it is not this government that has contracted the debt, but rather Macri, and therefore this criterion does not apply. “

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According to Christina Kirchner, her government isn’t in the mood for it to push. We are not saying we will not pay. What shall we say about non-payment, if our political space is the only one that has not indebted Argentina and paid off the debts of all other governments! “, He said.

He asked for a “little effort” to Negotiate debt with the International Monetary Fund. “Moreover, if they were from the opposition, they were the ones who held all the debts, from A loan from the International Monetary FundAnd he stressed that they are the ones who should cooperate the most, and insist that they give us a longer-term interest rate that is much lower than what the International Monetary Fund wants to apply to the restructuring contracted by others.

The headquarters of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington.  Photo: Reuters.
The headquarters of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington. Photo: Reuters.

He said, “It is not a self-problem, it is a problem that we cannot pay because we do not have the money to pay it.”

Christina Kirchner’s statements came in parallel with the economics minister’s stay in Washington, Martin Guzman, Who is trying to enter into an agreement with the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva.


Unlike the governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kiselov, and the mayor of Las Flores, Alberto Gellini, who spoke in front of her with a microphone in his hand, the vice president used a microphone with a stand and stepped forward for all of the attendees to see, some of whom shouted that they could not see. His son Maximo Kirchner sat with the heroes of the act, but he did not speak publicly.

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The act had moments of mistakes, shared by Kristina, Kisilov and the broadcaster. The vice president noted that during the 1987 Carpentada uprising, Peronism was on the side of then-president Raul Alphonsine, but coined the phrase in the opposite direction: “When there were difficult moments in the country, and I remember very well that I came back in 1987, there was a military rebellion again. There is a man, not a woman of this Peronism that Republicans and Republicans offend, standing by the constitutional president in support of democracy, which should be done. “

Kicillof committed Furcio at first by calling Christina “the boss,” though he soon corrected himself and called her “the vice president.” At the conclusion of the act, the announcer made the same mistake as the governor, although it was not corrected and thus the act was closed.

Macri: “It’s very clear that Christina wants me in prison.”

Alberto Fernandez, Mauricio Macri and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.  Photo: Reuters.

A week after his book was launched, ex-president Mauricio Macri presented his book, Primer Tiempo LN + Exclusive Interview (TV channel La Nación), and there he spoke about the feeling of many of his voters, who assert that he is responsible for Christina Kirchner’s return to power.

“I wonder a lot what he could have done to prevent us from returning because for me it was very clear that this would lead to devastation and more poverty for Argentines.” He added, “I apologize every day. Don’t make me feel less. I gave my all.”

In the interview, they asked Macri if he knew Christina Kirchner wanted him in prison and if he feared that would happen. He began his speech by saying, “I have great clarity, but I am very calm,” and he clarified that he is not afraid of anything, although “some judges have found it difficult to maintain the dignity of being judges.”

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He continued, “We can talk about all the mistakes we made in the economy, but that does not mean that the government was suffering from transparency problems. In their disparagement, who talk about legal warfare, they invented more than 200 reasons for me. They are all complaints made by their jihad, with (Rodolfo) ) Tailhade on her head. “

Who responded to Macri on Wednesday is Estela de Carlotto, president of the Apollas de Plaza de Mayo, who accused the former president of being a “criminal” and demanded his arrest, in a harsh statement coinciding with Memorial Day, to 45 years after the recent military coup in Argentina. Macri has to be in prison, and he’s already proven to be a criminal. “You have to put him in jail as soon as possible,” said Carlotto.

The activist defended Christina Kirchner, who described her as a “victim of a legal war,” a hypothetical judicial-media conspiracy denounced by the Todos Front as the cause of previous corruption investigations. Kirchner government. In this context, he rejected Macri’s comments on LN +, in which he confirmed that the current Vice President wanted to imprison him. He stressed that “Lawfare is another coup.”

In an interview with El Uncover Radio, Carlotto said: “The indebtedness we suffered (during the previous administration) was fierce. They have to pay for what they did.”

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