Clotheer announced that the first meeting will be on Tuesday

Minister of Economy , Tatiana Clotheerreported that next Tuesday, August 23, will be the first meeting between Mexico, USA and Canada Consultation on dispute settlement in the framework of USMCA by Mexican energy policies.

We are already established, we have the first meeting on Tuesday at 10 am (…) we will hold it by default at this time and the next meeting will be face to face, here in our country

Tatiana Kluther, Minister of Economy

In a radio interview, he announced that this first meeting, on behalf of Mexico, would be chaired by Orlando PerezCEO of Legal advice for international trade Ministry of Economy, which is the country’s international legal official; For the United States and Canada it will be its lawyers and technicians.

He identified Mexico’s energy policy as a responsibility Energy Minister (Sener)while the Ministry of Economy is responsible for monitoring T-MEC and only “It is the sound and not the sound that dictates a, b, c, d”; He said the two agencies are working closely to build this defense.

He noted that Mexico has commitment To prove to them that it is not violating some of the standards agreed upon in the T-MEC in energy matters, say the United States and Canada, “Show them why and how we acted and how we acted”.

It should also explain to them what some files Business from their countries Infraction Some assumptions they have, because they are Investing in Mexico with national companies.


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