The White House says the US economy is “growing strongly” as Biden visits Pennsylvania

Although there are waits US economy 'growing strongly'The Spanish media spokeswoman in the White House, Luisana Perez Fernandez, was considered.

“It is clear that although there is a lot of work to be done on economic matters, what we have seen in the last three years is an economy that is growing strongly,” he said in an interview with this newspaper. “Last week, we saw the jobs report, how many jobs are being created, and we're seeing how Businesses trust the economySo the message is that the economy is recovering.

Perez Fernandez spoke in a context President Joe Biden's trip to AllentownIn Pennsylvania, where he met with members of small and medium-sized businesses.

The President's trip today is focused on continuing to emphasize how small businesses operate “And communities, like Allentown, Pennsylvania, are benefiting from the president’s economic agenda.” “The idea of ​​these trips is for him to meet small business owners who have invested in the U.S. economy and who have benefited from the programs they have made available to entrepreneurs.”

The spokesman stressed that Bidenomics policy, as well as investment policy in the United States, are the president’s focuses.

Information provided by the White House reported on one of President Biden's stops, Nowhere Coffee Co., in the Emmaus neighborhood, where he invited customers to “grab a coffee.”

“I'm calling you,” he said. Ordered the mango shake.

The president, who was accompanied by Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro and Democratic Senator Bob Casey, said: “My name is Joe Biden and I work for the governor and senator.”

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The president's visit to Pennsylvania comes on the same day that a Quinnipiac University poll showed him leading in voting intentions by 49%, compared to 46% for Donald Trump.

An example of economic prosperity

Spokesman Perez Fernandez stressed that the small city of Allentown, where just over 125,000 people live, is an example of the “boom” the American economy is experiencing.

“Unemployment fell mainly to 3.9% in Allentown, and there was a 30% increase in small business applications,” he noted. “Let’s also remember that Allentown has a very significant Latino presence, and there are many Latino entrepreneurs who benefit from it.”

Official data from the Biden administration indicate that Allentown achieved the creation of more than 32,000 manufacturing jobs during the current government, but it also increased workers’ income by 3.3%.

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