The United States refuses to provide further details on the corruption indictment of Paraguay Vice President Hugo Velasquez.

a US State Department spokesperson I know to reject This Friday to offer more Details about the indictment of the Vice President of Paraguay Hugo Velasquez of corruption. He also made it clear that the punishment against the vice president Not “politically motivated” and that the United States governmentThe right to decideAbout who can and who can’t enter your country.

At the moment we cannot reveal any more details than those that have already been published for fear that they could be revealed. Affect ongoing or future police investigationsThe source told EFI.

Velasquez, who was accused of being ‘Greatly corrupt’ On August 12 by the United States government For offering a bribe of more than $1 million to a public servantAnd the He submitted his resignation to run for the presidency and his position as Vice Presidentbut after that Reverse it and questioned his exit.

“It’s not about holding on to the vice presidency, it’s about saying I’m going out to defend my family’s dignity, and that’s what I do,” Velasquez emphasized at the time. Likewise, he said he would wait.” The truth of the investigation“And who wants to know” what it is the examsThat the government should accuse him.

This Friday, the Paraguay Foreign Minister Julio Areolasummoned US Ambassador to Asuncion, Mark Ostfeldto ask Official information on the accusations Corruption against the rulers of the two countries Colorado Party, former president Horacio Cartes y Velazquez.

At the end of July, the US government announced that it would close its borders for alleged corruption of Cartes, who was already under investigation by the Paraguayan justice.r alleged wrongdoing in their own business.

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