A Puerto Rican artist has been selected to represent Puerto Rico at the Artists’ Residency “B-MURALS” in Barcelona

Puerto Rican young artist Ivana Tarazwill represent Puerto Rico in the artist residency project in B Morales In Barcelona, ​​Spain this fall.

According to Tarraza, 26 years old, She is the first Puerto Rican artist to be selected for the mentioned art residency as she presents hundreds of people from all over the world and only 11 have been selected.. Other participants represent countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain and Catalonia, among others.

Ivana, who has been in the art world for five years under the name Anatomico, graduated in 2017 from Miami International University of Art and Design with a BA in Fashion Design. The young woman had the opportunity to exhibit her art in Puerto Rico and New York.

Anatomico is the juxtaposition of human anatomy with the nature that surrounds us. I started in 2015 after taking a basic drawing course at university and officially launched the brand in 2018. After several years of hard work, it is nice to see the fruits of my work and to see how it is being appreciated internationally,” said an artist.

The art of Ivana Taraz (supplied)

B-MURALS invites artists from urban art or from different disciplines to implement their own project, related to the space, a historical building called “Nau Bostik”. The BM art residences are offered by an international invitation and are supported by the Ministry of Culture of Catalonia and many other entities.

At the end of the residency, an exhibition will be held where the works created by the young woman during the residency will be shown to the general public. This will be from October 26 to 29 at the Nau Bostik Cultural Center. To follow Ivana’s path, you can follow accounts Instagram s Facebook.

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