Living in Canada: Recommendations for obtaining residency

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for Mexicans to immigrate and obtain permanent residence. Usually, simple job postings with salaries above 30,000 pesos per month are attractive to those looking for a change in their lives.

However, the desire to change your life without adequate advice and give up everything without a specific plan carries risks. How do you get advice to move to Canada? What are the requirements to obtain permanent residence? Is there a special process to order it?

Why is Canada always looking for foreigners to immigrate to the country?

Rita my aunt, CEO, North Horizon Immigrationa company authorized to advise people seeking permanent residence in Canada, confirming In an interview with Millennium from the main The reason is to increase labor capacity in the face of an aging population.

We need to make sure that we will always have enough people to fill the country and be able to sustain the economy. […] In the In the next five years, there will be more pensioners, and the government is worried, because if we do not have enough working people, who will pay taxes to maintain the social status and welfare of these people with pensions?

He emphasized that Canada’s population growth is slow 1.47 children per family, according to 2019 World Bank data– in order to maintain strength the workMigration programs must be implemented in global calls.

“AndThe most dangerous factor is that Canadian society is an inverted pyramid (population), where the majority of people are retired or will no longer work”, highlighting that most current jobs are mainly for young people under 35 years of age.The pandemic has galvanized Canadian politicians. They realize we need more immigrants […] We need more people to become permanent residents, To make sure the economy stays strong for years to come.

What does Canada require more and what are the basic requirements?

Benkhalti says that while there are job opportunities for all kinds of jobs in Canada, The technology and health sectors are the most preferred by the immigration authorities.

“Anyone who works as a computer systems engineer, programmer (software developer), data analyst (data analyst) … all these people, everything to do with computers will always have a lot (chosen)”.

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Although many of the current job vacancies in Canada have their own requirements, the main thing is to be fluent in English, depending on whether it is completely intermediate or advanced. Full advice on dealing with the applicant’s English is requested.

A person who is not fluent in English will need to start studying the language. If you can afford to do it in Canada, that’s even better, but if you can’t, start learning it locally; And when you reach the intermediate level, you can start to see opportunities for them to come to study or work […] Although (someone’s) level today is not enough, this does not mean that it will not be in two or three years..

He reiterated that each person has a special case for applying for permanent residence in Canada, For this reason, it is essential to seek an advisor, either from the Canadian government itself or from licensed companies.since each province has its own immigration program, but it is usually arranged at the federal level and each position has its own documentation.

“The (ideal) criterion is that they prefer Be no more than 35 years old, with three years of work experience, advanced level of English and studies at Bachelor’s and/or Master’s level; That if they have this profile, they have a good chance of being selected in the company program and get permanent residence directly […] They are the government’s favourite.”

And if I don’t achieve the age or grade of school, is there a problem?

Rita explained to my aunt That there are all kinds of jobs to look for in immigration to Canada, from home builders and babysitters to software developers and investors. thus, It is common to see simple job offers with high salaries.

The (Canadian) government says ‘We will look here and see which sectors can contribute the most for the growth of our country […] for example, Women who have an Intermediate level in English and studies for a year after high school, and want to come and take care of the children, they can be a nanny and there is a program for them to be there and one day a permanent resident […] The same way I talk about a Developer The site works on Amazon. Hence we have someone whose specialty is probably the carpenter; Since the wooden houses are built here, we need many people who can work in this area […] We have to note all these situations and factors in order to find a solution. What will be drawn This path is before you apply for permanent residence and obviously avoid rejection. So we are ready from the start.

But if you are no longer of eligible working age for Canada —Anything over 35 years oldThe possibilities are also opened for those who wish to invest in the country and seek to create employment opportunities.

“If people say ‘But I’m a lot older than 35, I might be 45 or 50 or older,’ what should I do? Before a 20-year-old, You can invest if you have the financial ability to invest and create a new business, or save one If he’s about to close down and keep jobs or create new ones, we’ll make him win abroad.”

Is there a quota of applicants and how many people are generally accepted?

Unlike in the United States, there is no quota limit in Canada for applicants, however, it is necessary to cover the profile requested by the employer or organization, even the province, to immigrate to the country. Benkhalti stressed that specialist advice is necessary before seeking immigration to Canada.

“AndIt is a space where the game is fair, and there are software standards; A person who meets these criteria gets their permit and permanent residency, and it doesn’t matter where their passport comes from […] Each province has a program that is tailored to their economic needs and will depend a lot on where a person lives. But these are things that we can even specify in counseling and we can decide “well, according to their profile, lifestyle, family and skills, it is better for them to go to this or that county”.

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Even before the pandemic, Canada had officially received nearly half a million applications From all over the world and the vast majority have been accepted, but with the COVID-19 pandemic many applications have been discontinued. Countries with the most applications Generally accepted, according to Government of Canada figuresfrom India, China, Brazil, Iran, the Philippines and the United States.

He concluded by saying that many people seeking to enter Canada have studied in the country, because by doing so they form a network of professional contacts and can facilitate a work permit to study at an institution there.

In addition, many accepted requests may also include other family members who can move there and start a new life without being separated from their loved ones.

“When they are married and have children, a lot of times they worry and say ‘but I don’t want to leave my family behind me all this time.’ The good news is that the government understands and is making a scheme whereby the whole family can come to Canada.”


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