Best of the best: Travelers around the world chose the most beautiful beaches on the planet

This month Travelers around the world voted for the best beaches in the world For prizes Travelers’ choice of location TripAdvisor. The organizers indicated that the list of the best around the world was prepared according to “strict standards of trust and safety.”

On the other hand, the company where you can compare prices and choose tourist destinations according to the reviews of its users, “less than 1% of the 8 million Tripadvisor profiles receive the Best of the Best award, which means that they have achieved the highest level of excellence in travel.”

1. Baía do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

It was chosen as the best beach for its scenery, water and activities, and visitors also stressed the need to consult lifeguards about the safest time to swim due to the presence of sharks, as well as times to go to the beach.

Baia do Sancho in BrazilSergio Goya

Some comments:

“Baia do Sancho is the perfect place for trekking, diving and nature lovers, it is the best beach in Brazil and I would say in the world.”

“It’s really the perfect beach, I recommend arriving as early as possible, making sure not to get into the water until after ten, and that there are already a few people there, because sharks are lurking around.”

“Away from the noise, from the classic beach vendors, this place is a paradise. Very beautiful, but it is difficult to get to, and then there is no service, you have to carry everything. Water and food, but also the times of getting off and getting on the beach are an inconvenience.

2. Eagle Beach, Palm/Eagle Beach, Aruba

Visitors chose this beach for its white sand, turquoise sea and calm. In addition, they highlighted that many families go.

Fofuti trees at Eagle Beach.Connie Lombart Laigle – Places

Some comments:

A beautiful place to walk on the coast and marvel at the contrast between the white sand and turquoise water.

“The beach is really very quiet. There are fewer people in Palm Beach. However, it is necessary to pay for any chairs, umbrellas or related items. It is more of a family destination, although I feel that Aruba is becoming a family destination overall.”

“Globally, it is the second best beach in the world. It is a place where white sand and turquoise water combine to create the most unique beach day in the world. It is one of the places you should know before you die.”

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3. Cable Beach, Broome, Australia

Visitors chose this destination for the beauty of the sunset on the sea, and the friendliness of the people who live there, although they highlighted that the city could be cleaner and warned against following the instructions of lifeguards and those bathing in the sea. This must be done within the indicated limits due to the presence of sharks and jellyfish.

Some comments:

“Nice walk, especially to see the sunset. Many families with happy children. It is difficult to get a taxi back to the centre.”

“Beautiful beaches and excellent people. “Locals are interested in tourism, and it could become a cleaner city.”

“The truth is we went to Cable Beach with some friends to spend the day and it’s a great place in Australia, it’s like a beach in the Caribbean but the water is a little bit colder. And keep in mind that if you want to swim in the sea, you have to do it.” Among the flags placed by the lifeguards because in that area there are not a lot of waves or currents, as well as sharks and jellyfish. In addition, it is a very safe place and has a great restaurant to eat or have a drink. See the property

4. Reynisfára Beach, Vik, Iceland

Travelers say that this beach is distinguished by its unique landscape of dark weapons and basalt stones that some climb. In addition, they recommend being careful of big waves and going when there are not many tourists. On the other hand, they suggest that large basalt rocks should be protected by the local government.

Some comments:

“Simply beauty. Clear sea and black sand.”

“A black-sand beach complemented by strange rock formations, such as the basalt rock-heavy cave of Halfancilir. It is easily accessible from the free car park. We visited it at a time when there was maximum flow and poor visibility, which took away from its stunning nature, but we were still able to feel its beauty. Try to avoid peak hours.”

“You have to watch the waves, they are strong and have carried some people away.”

5. Grace Bay Beach, Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands

Visitors claim that the sand is so fine that it looks like flour. They confirm that the beauty of the beaches is unparalleled, although they warn that there are no shady places and advise wearing sunglasses only because of the shiny sand.

Grace Bay Beach, Turks IslandsStock struggle

Some comments:

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“Excellent place, I’ve never seen anything like it before, it’s a 10.”

“Its fine white sand is like flour, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beach. Average temperature is 28 degrees.”

“For sun and beach lovers, it is 100% recommended. There is no shade all day except for the umbrellas in the complexes.”

6. Falesia Beach, Olhos de Agua, Portugal

This beach is considered the second best beach in Portugal and among the 10 best beaches in Europe, according to Tripadvisor.

Falesia beach in PortugalStock struggle

Some comments:

“It is the best. They are big beaches with all the services, not the small ones with charm.

“What an amazing beach!” It’s a real gem and we went in February. I don’t know if it will be full of people in the summer, but it is located in a unique area, surrounded by cliffs and soft white sand.

“First of all, parking is difficult, so I recommend walking. It is a quiet beach, with white sand. Recommended to go with family. The most original thing about the beach is the cliff that protects it, in many colors.

7- Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, India

Visitors confirm that this beach enjoys wonderful sunset views, which highlights its tranquility and beauty.

Some comments:

“The sunset is amazing. This is one of the most visited beaches by families, because it is very wide and you can swim without being disturbed, and at around five in the evening the magical sunset arrives.”

“You already know it’s forbidden to be on the beaches at night, when a guard comes and forces you to leave. I don’t know if it’s because of the crocodile problem.”

“A wild beach, with three options for spending the night: 1. Government huts. 2. Local cabins (few). 3. Beautiful resort at the northern end of the beach. Dining options are street food, on the road up to the beach or at the resort. The beach is paradise. Crystal clear clean water. Elephants sometimes roam and you can snorkel in the coral reefs at the southern end. “There is an area of ​​mangroves and shrubs for protection from the sun.”

8. Isola dei Conigli, Lampedusa, Italy

Visitors point out that the beauty of the beaches increases with the splendor of the fishing village in which it is located. Additionally, they point out that the waters are ideal for snorkeling.

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Some comments:

“An unforgettable experience! Typical fishing village of Italy. Magnificent sea and sandy beaches. We rented a small boat (50 euros per day) without having to register the helmsman, and sailed through the calm waters of the Mediterranean without any problem.

“The best beach in the world, perfect, transparent, with everyone taken care of, on the dream island of Lampedusa. From the center they take you by car or there is permanent transportation. You have to wear comfortable shoes until you reach the beach, the length of the path is about 800 meters (I estimate). “A unique experience. “One of its kind, getting to know its landscapes and then enjoying its clear and transparent waters.”

“Beautiful beach with white sand and blue sea perfect for spending a day with the family and snorkelling, bring an umbrella and sunscreen.”

09. Varadero Beach, Varadero, Cuba

Travelers confirmed that Varadero is a paradise where you can enjoy shows and parties on the beach. She also highlights the interest of locals, although she warns that you should be careful with some scammers who promise you a ride, which is advice that suits any destination you travel to in the world.

Varadero beaches. Image: Wikipedia

Some comments:

“It’s simply beautiful, with all kinds of parties, shows and everything you need to enjoy the beach.”

“Several trips to this beach confirm to me that it is the best beach I have ever known, a beautiful natural environment that blends very well with the buildings around it, wonderful hotels with amazing service.”

“Be careful of this guy who sells you a story and then tricks you. He offered us rides for ten dollars an hour and we accepted.”

10. Kaanapali Beach, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Travelers highlighted not only the beautiful landscape, but also the activities that can be done there, such as swimming with turtles or observing a diving ceremony.

Kaanapali Beach, HawaiiShutterstock – Global Image Collection Editorial

Some comments:

“Nice place. Wide beach. Nice snorkeling on the beach end. “Great hotel complexes and a good variety of restaurants on the beach.”

“The most beautiful thing about it is snorkeling and swimming with turtles, in addition to watching a great diversity of marine life in clear waters with many coral reefs.”

“Kaanapali is one of the best beaches in the United States, with approximately 5 kilometers of white sand. Don’t miss the daily diving party in front of Puu Kekaa.”


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