Bolivia: Former President Evo Morales has been excluded from leading the movement towards socialism | New party leader calls for ‘reestablishment’

Former Bolivia President Evo Morales has been excluded from the new national leadership of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS).Which was formed on Sunday at a conference promoted by followers of Luis Arce’s government in the city of El Alto. He pointed out, “Evo Morales is the former president of the Movement Toward Socialism, and there is a new president who is my character.” Grover Garcia, He was elected party leader and a representative of the Consolidated Trade Union Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB), an organization linked to the Bolivian government.

Garcia, after being sworn in as the new head of the Movement Towards Socialism, said this “Democracy and discrimination are over.” A conference will be held within the next ninety days to change the party’s statute and “re-establish” it. More than 6,000 Movement Toward Socialism fighters attended the “Héroes de Octubre” sports center in El Alto, a city neighboring La Paz, where the ruling party elected a new board of directors after three days of meetings.

Morales and his followers described this government-promoted secret meeting as “illegal,” claiming that only the former president, as the maximum leader of the movement toward socialism, could convene it.. Saturday Morales warned that he would be a presidential candidate For his party in the 2025 presidential elections “By any means”. The Movement towards Socialism bloc, which supports the former president, has called for its own conference on July 10 in the town of Villa TunariIn the tropics of Cochabamba.

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