One died, the other very seriously

Investigators found two letters written by them and two chairs they were going to use to jump into the void.

tragedy involved Two Argentinian girls Salent municipality shakes at this time, at Barcelona. Twins, 12 years old They fell into the void of the third floor of the building And one of them died. First of all, the research indicates that They jumped voluntarily And try to determine the reasons.

Now the evolution of the second sister to be found is pending He was admitted to the hospital in critical conditionbut stable, according to local media reports.

Although the skills are just beginning, the researchers believe the sisters They jumped off the balcony voluntarily. This hypothesis is supported by the discovery of two letters she wrote and two chairs that could have been used for jumping.

As EFE was informed by sources close to the investigation, the police are now analyzing the two handwritten texts and based on the first indications Exclude criminal action.

Catalan police patrol / Photomosos

Sources from Salient City Council explained that the sisters come from a family of Argentine descent, which would lead Just over two years in this population. He has a younger brother and a father I was at home When the event occurred, according to local media reports.

The city council issued an ordinance Three days of mourning All scheduled public events, including Carnival festivities, have been suspended.

Search for the 12-year-old Salent twins.
Search for the 12-year-old Salent twins.

According to local media reports, the event took place minutes after three in the afternoon on Tuesday (Barcelona time), but the first notification to the authorities was via the emergency phone number. All SEM forces, the Catalan police and several local police patrols attended Salente.

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At the scene, one of the girls turned out to be He died as a result of severe trauma caused by a fall.. An autopsy is scheduled for the next few hours.

Meanwhile, his twin sister managed to stabilize and was taken in serious condition to Pac Tawley Hospital in Sabadell.

As reported by 20 minutos, the investigation conducted by Mossos d’Esquadra – the local police – showed that the girls Family problems and that they were receiving psychiatric help. In these early hours, according to the police, there were no signs of bullying in their school.

However, one of the girls’ neighbors confirmed this They were bullied at their school ‘just because they were Argentine’. “They are two very beautiful creatures,” Kevin said in an interview with Regio 7. “I know they are depressed and bullied at school.” When asked, he said that he did not know if the education center was aware of this situation.

Meanwhile, the Generalitat’s Ministry of Education reports that the psychological counseling and guidance team has activated the protocol to provide support to classmates of the twins, along with professionals from the Emotional Well-Being Program.

On Wednesday afternoon, Saliente’s mayor, Oriol Ribalta, presided over a tribute with a minute’s silence in the Plaza de Villa. There he confirmed that they were providing support to the family and asked to wait for the police investigation to clarify the case.

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