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Anna Gabrielle announces a tour of the US and Canada to celebrate 50 years of her career

The “Un Deseo Más Tour 2024” North American tour will kick off on September 13 in Newark, New Jersey.

Mexican singer and songwriter Ana Gabriel, known as “America’s Diva”, Next September, a tour will begin in 24 cities in the United States and Canada This is within the framework of celebrating the 50th anniversary of his artistic career, his promoters announced today, Monday.

“Join me on the adventure of the fiftieth, yes, the fiftieth, and so that I can embrace you again with my music, this is my wish and my greatest desire. And it will remain so forever,” Ana Gabriel said in a message about her trip.

North American tour “Another security round for 2024” It will begin on September 13 in Newark, New Jersey and It will conclude with a concert in Miami on November 30.

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He is known as a “living legend” in Latin musicAna Gabriel will also perform in four cities in California, including Los Angeles, and in states such as Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Washington, and others.

In Canada, the famous singer-songwriter will perform concerts in Toronto and Montreal. He hopes to tour to learn about the successes of his more than 30 recorded albums.

anna gabriel, Her real name is Maria Guadalupe Araujo YoungHe managed to place 20 of his songs in the top 10 Latin songs on Billboard. Including six digits 1.

In 2023, Ana Gabriel achieved complete success with her “For Love of You” tour.with over 15 sold-out concerts, including several in Mexico which supports the title of being one of the highest-grossing Hispanic artists.

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In the United States and Canada, pre-sale will begin next Thursday, May 9.

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