They warn that the iPhone 15 will overheat above normal levels: Apple’s explanation

Many users who purchased the iPhone 15, the latest model of Apple smartphones, reported this The device gets hot during useThe brand attributed this to a software failure and other issues related to applications such as Instagram and Uber.

The California-based company indicated that it is working on an update iOS17 systemFrom the iPhone 15 line to prevent overheating of devices and note it Some applications “overload the system”, A company executive told Forbes magazine.

Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms, modified its application this week to prevent the Apple device from overheating, while the developers of the Uber application and other applications, such as the Asphalt 9 game, are working in the same direction, according to Apple.

The company has not set a timeline for rolling out its software fix He ruled out the possibility of problems preventing owners from using their iPhone 15 devices While waiting for the update.

Apple stressed that the problem is not related to the thin titanium cover of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

“We have identified certain conditions that could cause the iPhone to heat up more than expected,” Apple said in a brief statement sent to the Associated Press, after various media outlets reported detailed complaints that appeared in online forums about excessive heating of the device. iPhone. .devices.

Although devices can become hot when playing games or other resource-intensive applications, such as augmented reality, The problem went beyond the normal parameters of these devices.

Acknowledging the issue, Apple confirmed that the issue is not related to the thin titanium casing of the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which replaced the stainless steel casing on its previous smartphones. They also ruled out that it was related to switching from their Lightning charging cable to a USB-C port.

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