Banamex can be bought by the government; “It’s going to be a all-rounder,” says AMLO.

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador denied the accusations Break with German Laria, owner of Grupo Mexico. He also denied that the second richest man in Mexico had given up buying Citigroup, After the occupation of the Navy Three sections of the railway that franchise virusor.

“It’s not true – the rumor – it was a ‘blowout’ but it was all with a purpose To generate fear and uncertainty And keep talking to him Mexico group And it is not a personal matter, and I hope that an agreement will be reached as soon as possible and this possibility will not be ruled out, that an agreement will be reached and also this other – that the government will buy it – “, he explained.

And it is that on May 22, 2023, different media pointed out That businessman German Larrea gave up buying Citibanamex. I’m not going to pay $7,000 million for something they can take from me tomorrowhe would say.

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The Government of Mexico analyzes the purchase of Citibanamex

“I was even happy Because if he wouldn’t buy it anymore Because there is a possibility to create an association between the public and private sectors. There is no loss because it is a round businesssaid the chief.

The President explained that At an estimated sale of $7,000 million“They must You pay like $2,000 or a little more in taxesSo there’s $5,000 left and the people of Mexico will be interested in taking shares and the government will put in the same amount in order to get the majority and there’s no loss because it’s a complete deal. Do you know how much banks made last year? 240 thousand million dollars pesosHe confirmed.

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“This is a bank as it was Mexican AviationAnd National Bank of Mexico “In the privatization they took it to Citigroup, to the United States, that is, it became a foreign bank, but imagine how much money the government manages in the banks,” said López Obrador.

The budget is nearly $8 billion, nothing more than what is paid to administer the payroll, and the salaries of teachers and all public servants are paid by the payroll; He added that the main customer is the government, meaning there is no loss.

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