The interview time is up to 647 days

planning a trip to United State It can become an almost impossible task If the traveler does not have a visa and wants to process it. Although there are citizens of certain countries that are exempt, the United States requires a visa for most citizens of the countries of the American continent.

In this case, Mexicans are no exception and despite being one of the target markets of the United States, with the pandemic they have had to suffer long waiting times in consular delegations to obtain or renew Visit visa.

According to the latest data from the IPW, the US Tourism Conference which is taking place these days in San Antonio, Texas, Mexicans must You wait an average of 647 days for your interview appointment with US officials.

This waiting list is not exclusive to mexicans because in Brazil exceeds 493 days, in Mumbai (India) 525 days and in Canadian cities such as Calgary 562 days.

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Despite this data, US authorities are speeding up procedures, especially for those people who only need student, exchange, or temporary work permits. For these designations, diplomatic delegations resolve applications within three to 45 business days.

So far, the US immigration authorities have not disclosed whether any special measure will be provided during the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2026, such as the Qatar Life Card, for those fans who are preparing to travel to the US for a wedding. Matches to be held in the host cities.

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