BBVA and Anthemis invest in startup Greenspark

The Greenspark model makes it easy for client companies to integrate their tools in a very simple way into their ‘e-commerce’ store, ‘online’ payment system or their marketing tools. Once integrated, the platform allows them to implement sustainable actions linked to their business development: for example, plant trees For every order received, Clean plastic from the oceans For each new subscriber to the Newsletter or carbon emissions offset The product of the activity of its employees.

Sustainable actions facilitated by Greenspark have a positive impact on the planet but also on the companies themselves, because by engaging their customers and employees, they enhance brand loyalty and talent retention. To achieve it, the “startup” cooperates with international initiatives such as plastic bank, a non-profit company that since 2013 has already recovered and recycled more than 10 million kilograms of plastic from the oceans; or Aden reforestation projectsWho grows trees in Nicaragua and with whom? Greenspark’s client companies already plant about 5,000 trees every month.

Thanks to the funding it just received from the BBVA Anthemis Venture Partnership, an investment and acceleration study for start-ups by BBVA and the Anthemis Group, the British startup will be able to: Enhance its technology offer for your customers to automate their sustainable actions. At the same time, Greenspark will receive support in other aspects of the work, such as the promotion of Roadmap for their products, The Marketing actions and enabling its startup network to identify talent.

With Greenspark, we support a team committed to the mission of combining ‘fintech’ and sustainability.

“Sustainability is a strategic priority for BBVA,” he explains. Kristi Theiss, head of the BBVA Anthemis Venture Partnership at the bank. “With Greenspark, we support a team committed to a mission Bringing “fintech” together with sustainability. An elegant “sustainability-as-a-service” solution allows companies to offset their plastic and carbon footprint with just a few “clicks” and engage their employees, SMEs and customers who buy their products. This solution empowers businesses, allowing them to focus on increasing their revenue while making a positive impact. “

“We are excited to work alongside Anthemis and BBVA to bring an entirely new approach to global challenges through tools that are not only supportive, but also beneficial for business,” he says. Lenny LymanCo-founder and CEO of Greenspark. “We believe that by demonstrating the economic value of sustainability, we can make a huge difference.”

Greenspark’s customer base is growing 20% ​​per month and is primarily based in the UK, although the “startup” also has clients from other European countries, the US and Australia. In addition, it plans to grow in new markets in the future, to facilitate the integration of sustainability into the business strategy of large companies and SMEs worldwide.

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