Alert guarding the second most important hospital in Neuquen

Doctors working at Heller Hospital in Neuquen have warned that the number of professionals is not sufficient to meet daily demand. The health center administration acknowledged that the number of employees decreased for various reasons, but made it clear that it is a circumstantial issue Starting Monday this problem will be solved.

Marcelo Gutierrez is one of the doctors who has drawn attention due to the lack of staff. And he declared that, with his colleagues, They consult with a lawyer about the possibility of requesting protection. This is what his colleagues did Condensed from Castro Rendon Hospital, who failed to reconcile So the judicial process continues. In this hospital there were also two enrollees Five resignations of professionals Who work as a guard.

Gutierrez described Heller as the second most important hospital in the county due to its scope and special interest in the characteristics of the western part of the city.

He explained that a few weeks ago, Three doctors attended when five were needed, but recently there were two per shift This is worse if someone has to accompany a patient, for example, for a CT scan, because there is only one specialist on site.

He stressed that the doctors should attend about 300 people daily and that they are very few ‘Minimum care is not guaranteed’ It is “very dangerous for people”.

Gutierrez said he understood that it might be difficult for people to accompany a doctor’s claim because they were paid around 80,000 pesos, for example, but he emphasized that this was achieved by doing eight guards 24 hours a day and with them. A lot of dedication. And therefore, He asked to understand that what is affected is the care of patients who have to wait long hours.

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The doctor said thatIn this context, the District Head Last night I informed them of that He resigned And taking leave due to a health condition. Director From Heller, Victor Noli, confirming that he had not officially received it Resignation from office, but what They have met with the professional.

Nolley was sympathetic to the duty doctors’ request and confirmed that on Monday the staff who are on leave will be returned. He also indicated that the other groups have already left, so the campus will be normalized.

He explained that the prosecution, for him, is based on the state of professional leave, which he considered necessary after the year of the epidemic, the fatigue caused by this same context, and the redistribution of tasks to other areas, such as detectors. “Another issue is the salary, which affects people’s morale.”Added.

Nolley was careful: “I wouldn’t say the problem is over, but people have been reintegrating since Monday.” In addition, it highlighted the efforts of doctors and nurses because, along with the pandemic, care for other consultations has been normalized.

The director explained, “Gutierrez is a doctor I do not know, and that in 22 years at Heller Hospital he has never worked at Heller and that he has been covering the guards for exactly seven days. He is not a doctor on campus nor is he a reference for the guard and I am really worried that he has the person who does The ranger and his hospital experience does not represent all that space

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Nolley indicated that patient care is guaranteed and that there are only two doctors left. The guard also has a share in the sponsorship of training professionals such as residents.

Regarding the numbers, he assured that the guard’s consultation is no more than 200 and that a doctor who works eight hours earns about 200,000 pesos.

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