Mother is angry after her 10-year-old daughter is given sexually significant homework at school

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She was working on the Holocaust, and I think she was mixed with that. When I was looking at her, I thought it didn’t make sense, why would she be there? After calling the school, he asked, they clarified that they “are examples of helping children create their own story. “

The slogan was:

“How do I feel?” Examples are listed below, including “When my hand ran through it, I…”, “held out,” “I caught,” and “felt it.” She said, “It took about half an hour since I was in my mind wondering if I read a lot, but when I called the school they said to me,“ No, you definitely are not. ”At the time, the school made it clear that it was in the process of correcting the error.

The mother said, “He couldn’t apologize enough and said that they were using a service that provides work for home education and he regretted that he didn’t notice this before sending the children.”

It’s weird, for sure, no one can ignore it. Nobody can see what is written on that paper and thinks it’s okay, ”Annette admits.

From the Ministry Education in the United Kingdom They stated, “The materials have not been recommended or made available by the board or the Liverpool School of Improvement.” They even explained it “Other families who received this assignment were contacted by the school to ask them not to solve this activity.”

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