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Pedro Duque, astronaut and Minister of Science, warned at this meeting entitled “Innovation as a means to combat climate change,” “It is essential to make energy production very profitable without disturbing the balance of the planet.” which also involved Eduardo Sainz de Cabezon, mathematician, science communicator, professor at the University of La Rioja and presenter of the Orbita Laica programme; David Quarteles, Arduino co-founder and researcher associated with IoTaP (Malmö University) and Raul Rivero, head of the information department at Acuna.

They all agreed in emphasizing that innovation develops creative solutions that allow us to sustain our business quality of life without compromising the future of the planet.

In this meeting, Professor Eduardo Sainz de Cabezon and researcher David Quarteles also selected innovations that will change the way we work and live, such as The Internet of things3D printing or so-called “smart cities”.

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However, Sáenz de Cabezón also explained that there are new forms of energy, such as nuclear fusion”, which are still It is not clear how they will affect us.” And he was in favor of sharing scientific knowledge around the world to be able to combat climate change, because it “affects us all”.

In addition, all these innovation experts highlighted the importance of the arrival of new European funds in Spain, because, according to Pedro Duque, this huge investment in Renewable energies “will put us at the forefront in the field of green energies and we will be able to export them and thus create many job opportunities.”

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In this sense, the Minister of Science submitted that the “Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2021-2027” also aims to improve Spain’s position in terms of innovation and for this it aims, among other objectives, Strengthening cooperation between the public and private sectors and preference for knowledge transfer.

Finally, from Acciona, Raul Rivero Ensure that “the private sector has a very important role in the national commitment to R&D, particularly in strategic sectors such as Infrastructure and renewable energySpain can be ranked first in the world.

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