A crude letter from a woman in Kabul to her sister in Chile

“I really appreciate your concern and support, but I prefer not to talk. I am so afraid.” On the other side of the letter came Zahra, a young Afghan woman who attended Chile Today, he studies medicine at the country’s main public university.

Since Sunday, her friends describe her condition as “shock” and only one worry, after Taliban attack on KabulHis sister, Zainab.

Zainab’s story mirrors the story of many Afghan women who, after American occupation, they lived real liberation.

For the past twenty years, the young woman has been married, got divorced – which was strongly condemned in Islamic fundamentalism – and began her strong academic career that led her to become a university professor. All this is back to zero.

Hundreds of people have fled Afghanistan since Sunday. Zainab seeks to reunite her sister in Chile. Photo: AFP

Request to the Government of Chile

Today, Sunday, a group of university classmates and friends of Al-Zahra have activated outreach efforts to advance the government of the Islamic Republic Sebastian Pinera To do something to help the family of this young woman, who is a permanent resident of Chile and, according to her friends, “has acquired a very special affection for the country, she is very comfortable and happy here.”

The first to take the call were the administrators of his home and the former Chilean foreign minister, Juan Gabriel Valdes.

The president of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi, and a former diplomat took the phone immediately to call Chancellor Andres Allamand, telling him the story.

At that very moment, the university’s communications team was making contact with the media to tell the story.

Zahra asked not to be named, and the first message that arrived spoke only of a “young Afghani student”. As the hours passed, that became more resilient, bolstered by the support her cause had raised.

International Initiative

In the Andean government, two ministers monitored the situation closely and made contact with the future doctor and her circle of friends. Adviser and Government Spokesperson Minister Jaime Peloglio. Chile was already preparing a plan.

And through a tweet, Allamand announced this Chile will join the international effort To evacuate the leaders of human rights defenders It is women.

With the watches, more information has been added: Chile has notified the NGO Front Line Defenders that it is available to accommodate ten Afghan families whose members are seen as threatened by the regime Taliban.

Soon, social networking sites began to wonder: Will Zainab come on that trip?

I am sure the Taliban will get rid of me in a short time.” Thus, the voice message that Zyban sent from Kabul to Channel 13 in Chile was violent and dramatic. “They will make my life impossible,” he added.

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Complex rescue operation

From the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs they refer to Clarion That there is a willingness to help Zahra’s family and other Afghan women confront the humanitarian drama in that country.

However, they made it clear that the logistics operation is not from the Chilean Air Force. “It’s Front Line Defenders that locates the planes and sees how to get them out of Kabul. We said, we can take up to 10 families and we want them to be commanders,” they noted from the ministry’s offices.

Taliban control Afghanistan

The problem is that if the airport collapses on Monday, the Islamic Jihad forces on Tuesday OTAN They no longer control the entire property.

“They are telling us from Afghanistan that there is a sector at the airport that actually belongs to the Taliban, which is making the rescue more difficult every minute,” they add from the Secretary of State’s team.

That’s why Allamand pointed out that they “slash their fingers” so Zainab can come on one of those planes. But there is no certainty. Visa, asylum and resources for their integration in Chile are guaranteed, yes.

Clarion I was able to confirm that the NGO Front Line Defenders is indeed in contact with Zainab. However, the possible departure flight does not have an exact date yet. Only one attempt: Wednesday, conditions allow.

Chilean society, predictably, awaits a happy ending for these two sisters. Currently, the resolution contains an ellipsis.

Santiago de Chile, for Clarin


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