Women protested again in Kabul and the Taliban responded with gases and shots in the air

While Afghanistan anxiously awaits the formation of the new Taliban government, its forces were suppressed on Saturday with tear gas and bullets in the air. Protest organized by womenFor the second day in a row, they took to the streets of Kabul to demand their rights and their participation in a future government.

Afghans walked from the Foreign Ministry to the gates of the presidential palace when they were stopped by the Taliban.

“They prevented us from continuing the march and said that no entry is allowed to the door of the presidential palace,” one of the protest organizers told the European News Agency (EFE), who asked not to be named.

“They used bullets and tear gas to disperse us, even if five women gathered in one place to protest their dispersal,” he added.

The Taliban armed movement is confronting Afghan women who have taken to the streets of Kabul to defend their rights. Photo: Reuters

The woman added that one of the demonstrators was shot in the head during clashes with Taliban forces.

women’s claim

This is the second women’s demonstration in Kabul in the past two days and the third since the Taliban took control of most of the country, after dozens of Afghans gathered in Herat on Thursday, an important city in the west of the country. , to me Claim your rights In the new system Taliban.

“Today’s protest is in line with yesterday’s protest to demand the Taliban give women meaningful participation in all aspects of life, including decision-making and politics,” she told EFE on Saturday. Afghan capital.

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The activist noticed that Women’s protests will continue Until the Taliban accept our demands, we will not remain silent and we will not lock ourselves up in homes.”

Islamists They promised That their government would be “inclusive”, representing all ethnic groups and tribes in the country, but in the case of the women, the fundamentalist leaders asked to wait to see what the new guidelines would be, and said that in the meantime, they would pay at home.

The Taliban asserted that women’s rights will not return to the insignificance they were in between 1996 and 2001, during the previous phase of the so-called Islamic Emirate.

However, they made it clear thatSharia or Islamic law will be the red line that they will take into account.

He called on the international community, led by the United Nations, to respect the rights of all genders.

Afghan women pledge to continue to claim their rights.  Photo: EFE

Afghan women pledge to continue to claim their rights. Photo: EFE

Promises and distrust

Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi told EFE on Friday that “all Afghans, including women, will enjoy their rights in the future government, but the level of women’s participation in politics is something that will be determined and clarified. Once the new government is formed.”

In this sense, Afghan women defend that in the past twenty years, since the fall of the previous Taliban government, they have made great achievements in the field of rights and education, and for this reason they also deserve to work as ministers, directors and others. government positions.

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Moreover, they ask the international community not to forget them and to listen to their voices; Which works and defends the rights of Afghan women.

Source: EFE

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