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It is one of the applications that are in great demand all over the world. With it, you can send all kinds of multimedia content, and even animate photos and videos that disappear once opened by your contacts without much paperwork.

But now a new function has been launched that allows you to speed up all the voice recordings or voice memos you receive In a simple way and even twice the normal amount. Did you know?

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The app is also filled with a series of emojis that users find strange. Many like to use the famous yellow faces, fruits, vegetables, animals, professions, expressions, geometric shapes and even hearts in different colors.

But there is one that really stands out: it’s the frozen face emoji. If you think it’s about a cold character, you’re close to its true meaning .

What does frozen face emoji mean in WhatsApp

Often times this emoji is used in WhatsApp conversations to express that you are cold or the temperature is too low where you are.

In order to know its true meaning, we must resort to it , the page responsible for compiling and explaining all the codes on the platform in detail.

Learn the meaning of a frozen face for WhatsApp and when to use it. (Photo: mag)

Depending on the source, it may represent hostility (slang, cooler ) or excellence (slang, cooler NS cooler ). Even when someone makes a sarcastic comment.

cold face Approved as part of In 2018, it was named “Face Freeze” and was added to in 2018.

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