“You have to raise your voice so that there is justice.”

The Spanish player in Minnesota Timberwolves Ricky Rubio This Friday was announced to EFE That “we must speak out” against the police’s grievances United State He admitted that the social situation in Minneapolis, after the death of 2020 George Floyd And now this is from Dante WrightIt affects your team.

Rubio, who finished a brilliant night and was one of the essential pieces in Solves’ victory over Atlanta Hawks By 119-111, recognized EFE After the match he said his team was “very erratic” this season.

Rubio scored 17 points, making him the second best scorer on his team, while the other Spaniard for Timber Wolves, Juancho hernagomiz, She also had an excellent night, scoring 14 points.

Ricky Rubio with the Minnesota Timberwolves


In response to a question about the status of the team and how the trial of Floyd is going on, a person of color died in May 2020 after a police officer Derek Chauvin He pressed his neck with his knee for more than nine minutes, and the death of Wright, another black man who died last Sunday by police bullets, Rubio admitted it was difficult.

Rubio said: “Yes, it is true that many things happen, and the first is slightly related to the second.” EFE. “In the end, there is a lot of tension in society, and there is a lot of fatigue, and I think there is a lack of leadership, response, and in the end, justice.” “It is a very tense time, but we need a little leadership and solutions,” he added.

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NBA position

Basis Almasnoo, Who is going through a tough season on a personal level, said that the NBA provides them with information to better understand the situation and that every player forms their opinion.

“It has happened so often that the police are misusing force and power to show something especially with the black population. This is something that we should all be more aware of. And although it does not touch some of us, I think we have got to raise our voices, through All kinds of platforms we can, so that there is justice, “Rubio explained.

“In the end, that question is just being asked. I think we’re in a very sensitive moment where things have to be done very well. And there are events like Daunte Wright, I don’t think it helps. With the team and the NBA in general, we’re looking for solutions to contribute to our role.” In achieving this, “Rubio concluded.

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