Brave Souls is coming to PS4

Klab Games studio will release a console version of their great free mobile game Bleach this year.

Another popular mobile game (at least within the animation category) has decided to make the jump to consoles. Japanese study KLab Games announced What or what Bleach: Brave Souls, His successful game based on the famous author Shounen Manga Titty Cobo, Soon a version of Playstation 4.

This announcement surprised many fans of the game, which was originally released for mobile devices. iOS s Male in appearance In 2015. However, this is not the first time that the free game has made its way to other systems since it was brought in August 2020 to Computer Across steam.

At the current time the exact date that Bleach: Brave Souls Will land on PS4, Although it sure will be this year. Additionally, its developers announced that they will implement Private campaign On Twitter To celebrate the launch of the game where users will be able to interact and participate to win in-game rewards.

With over 55 million downloads since its launch and nearly six years in the business, Bleach: Brave Souls It is a simple action game in which we can control several characters from the popular manga / anime as we go through short levels where we face enemies. This is completely free and has a monetization scheme based on non-mandatory microtransactions.

Imagine de Bleach: Brave Souls

Please note that the title contains gacha game profile; That is, all its characters and items are obtained through orbs (the main currency of the game), which can be obtained by completing missions or purchasing them with real money. So if you don’t like this type of game, you might find its look somewhat restricted.

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