Canadian Football: The unusual play that called into question the striker’s good faith

Canadian football experienced an inexplicable state of play, in the duel in which Valor FC defeated HFX Wanderers FC 1-0. After the victory of the local team, which means the third success in a row, An unusual move occurred: One of the winning team’s attackers avoided what could have been his team’s goal, Roughly taking the ball from inside the arc. He was the protagonist William Akeus And that he was lucky that his team finally won.

The event happened when I played 17 minutes into the first half, and the match was 0-0. In a match where not much happened, Valor FC reached the opponent’s goal from one of the sides. The cross ball went into the area to Alessandro Righi, who identified and overcame the resistance of HFX Wanderers FC goalkeeper Christian Oxner. When the ball was about to cross the local line to open the scoringappeared William Akio who, instead of pushing her into the goal to secure the goal…refused her. abnormal.

No one understood what happened. Some blamed the attacker and asked him what he wanted to do. Others asked to score, even though the ball did not fully enter the goal. Everyone was looking for an explanation. The Canadian team’s official Twitter account also could not understand what had happened and wrote in large letters: We are not sure what just happened! Then they added, “We, ah, are not going to talk about this.”

Finally, 40 minutes into the second half Moussa Dier converted the goal that gave Valor FC the final 1-0 . win, after a superb qualification by Jose Daniel Ascanio. In this way, the locals achieved their third win in a row and reached fifth place in the Canadian Premier League with 19 points in 13 matches played.

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The play spread all over the world and many suspected Akio. Some rumors have even spread that there is an internal conflict within the team. The truth is that the team finally won and the Valor FC striker’s move will still be just an anecdote.

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