They ask not to go to the municipal hospital guard for minor problems

Restrictions imposed on Municipal Hospital guards to attend emergencies only this afternoon, when passing through The 48 hours announcedBut, they also do not encourage using it to consult on non-serious or urgent problems, in the middle of the second wave of the Coronavirus.

They indicated from the hospital that “the main emergencies are of priority, which are red codes. For advice on minor problems, the recommendation is that they go to another place, such as the health unit.”

In addition, they emphasized that “in the 48 hours where there were greater restrictions, they were never closed; for example, when the news was published, 12 people were on standby and were treated.”

The municipality’s idea is to try to avoid hospitalization, because hospitals are collapsing, and for this very reason, the use of a guard is “discouraged”. From social networks, they shared photos to raise awareness among Bahia residents about this issue.

1. The emergency service is not an outpatient clinic with long hours, and non-urgent patient care may result in longer waiting times for critically ill patients.

2. What is an emergency? It is a potentially life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention.

3. What is an emergency? They are situations that carry real life risks and require immediate medical help. Examples include multiple trauma from accidents, seizures, stroke, heart attacks, etc.

4. Health units and outpatient hospitals in the morning and afternoon care for these non-urgent consultations.

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