Writers’ Strike arrives at Netflix headquarters

On Netflix, they already felt the blow of the writers’ strike that went into effect yesterday. There is no agreement between Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Film and Television Producers Alliance (AMPTP) for Renewal of Big Book Terms films and chain, to an indefinite strike of the entire sector.

As we were gathering today, the strike is already starting to affect series like Cobra Kai or La casa del Dragón. while series HBO Max Filming could continue in the UK, though without a book on set, the final season of the Karate Kid series is on hold just weeks after filming began.

Of course, any self-respecting strike must have the usual pickets before delegations where improvements are requested. The union announced demonstrations in front of the headquarters Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Universaletc.

The sit-downs have already been introduced at the Los Angeles headquarters of Netflix, which has begun to warm up in recent days in the face of what seemed to be an inevitable situation. Delivery time Score one, with slogans like “Hey Netflix, you’re no good. Pay your book like it should.”

The strike is already making noise in front of Netflix’s door

This strike becomes another front for Netflix, which has many conflicting positions on its hands. The arrival of broadcasting, well represented by the streaming giant, has led to an almost complete loss of royalties for many screenwriters.

Streaming platforms tend to be reluctant to share their audience data explicitly, causing writers who worked on, say, a Netflix original series to dwindle or even disappear in earnings.

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It’s a very different situation than it was years ago with cable or traditional television, where writers’ royalties from past works can ensure some financial stability when work was scarce or not doing as expected.

In addition to frequent economic clashes and the dark shadow of artificial intelligence, among other issues, the tension ended up triggering this hit that, if we stick to it 2008, could wreak havoc on films and series Everywhere.

Today is the second day of the strike, and it is likely that, in addition to Netflix, other major headquarters will continue to register the strike to apply pressure.

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