Merger of the American and Canadian Airmen’s Associations

Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA(announced that they would vote for a merger with the International Airline Pilots Association)ALPA).

With the participation of 91.6% of active pilots Canadian Airmore than 80% voted in favor of the merger.

With this vote, Air Canada pilots have indicated that they are seeking to join the largest union of pilots in the world to negotiate strong contracts, create better working conditions and enhance flying safety, so this merger will make them even stronger.

The final step in the merger process will take place on May 17, when the ALPA Executive Board votes to ratify the agreement.

If approved, the representation rights will be transferred from the ACPA to the ALPA, and both parties will apply to the CIRB for a statement supporting the transfer.

ACPA represents more than 4,500 members who fly passengers and cargo around the world on Air Canada and Air Canada. ACPA is Canada’s largest pilots’ union, serving a diverse and committed membership through its headquarters near Toronto’s Pearson Airport, and through regional representatives at pilot bases in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

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