Kicillof, the politics of “I” and Argentina’s future

There is regularity and repetition that builds meaning and sends a message. For example, the insistence by which management Alberto Fernandez And Kirchnerism in general is aligned Behind Russia, China and Venezuela, as well as Cuba. We know, when Kirchnerism global map balcony From the Argentine side, the mirror you seek to reverse is not a mirror of developed capitalism, like that of the United States, or of a welfare state, like Canada. Nor is it “merciful and progressive” capitalism, as New Zealand describes, or a northern socialist model.

The interesting and important question is Low or no democratic density of states that Kirchennes feel comfortable with. There is a project of a future nation that the Kirchneriya weaves into these international repercussions. It seems that no, but yes, there is a future for the country in the Kirchneriya. Although the urgency surrounding government and the unsolvable problems that surround it obliterate the idea of ​​the future, an increasingly clear vision looms. Their international preferences allow conclusions to be drawn.

This vision of the country consists of an increasingly strong and more personal leadership, with an “I” policy. Brutally proclaimed: the political tone they cultivate Cristina Fernandez and Axel Kiselov Fernandez’s political word is a good example of this, but when hardened and in tune with “ego,” it reads more as a sign of political impotence. This vision consists of a necessary counterpart to that “me” politics, a vision of an obedient and disciplined citizen in the face of authority and a loving attitude toward its leaders.. It is also made of lack of transparency as a structural moment of political and social life. And finally, the political use of the past.

The latest milestone in this global reaction game was built on the local stage last week. On the one hand, with President Fernandez at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, with Vladimir Putinand his renewed critique of global capitalism. On the other hand, with the Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kiselov, and the tone of your statements, of a wild character, with the declaration he made in connection with vaccines: the country that Kiselov chose for a new decade is now India, another democracy has entered the danger zone.

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According to the Institute for Democratic Diversity, which accurately measures the quality of the world’s democracies, India has been excluded from the “electoral democracy” category and fallen into the “electoral authoritarianism” category. This year’s report is titled “Authoritarianism Goes Viral”.

The context of the epidemic and Vaccine diplomacy has clarified the global comfort zone in which the Kirchnerism moves. Russian vaccine Sputnik V, Chinese Sinopharm, king of Cuba and now Covaxin in India. Conversely, licensing the vaccine from Janssen Pharmaceutica, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson in the US, continues to be delayed in Anmat. There are no agreements yet for the arrival of this vaccine and it is not clear if it will be included in the donation that the Biden administration will make. The Pfizer case contributes to this latter meaning.

The question is not so much if Argentina is necessarily going Venezuelan: the diversification of the Argentine productive matrix, whose economy is not heavily concentrated in a sector dominated by the state, is fundamentally different with the oil country and the way in which the Bolivarian state has copied this sector. The question is rather in the political, social and institutional tone of Argentina’s future vision that Kirchnerism pursues.

This tone consists of a charismatic leadership that allows itself to abandon the use of the plural, “we” for the political, community-centered word., and throwing political narcissism to the fore. A political perception that establishes a hierarchy between the ruler and the ruled. rulers above.

I have 17 million people in the county, I vaccinated 4 million. I’ve already vaccinated nearly a city in Buenos Aires and half a city, Kisilov said last Friday. Not only is the dimension of comparison out of scope, but also the brutal use of “I” in the politician’s mouth: Behind this noisy talk in the tradition of public discourse, there is a perception of the public thing and especially in the case of a pandemic, when it is the effort of society as a whole.. The idea of ​​the leader’s leadership over the leadership of the sovereign people. An idea of ​​certain permissions that can be granted to a leader, for example, ostentation, in the midst of a grim spectacle of commitment and pain, which is everyone’s business.

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It turns out another dimension to that character when the Treasury attorney said, Carlos Zanini, Justified vaccination of VIPs as a right to ‘Be protected by society’. Naturalization of the concept of a political leader or party member as a member of a privileged special class.

The other side of this selfish expansion of the “political self” is a citizenship prepared to crown the political figure to the rank of hero, that is, A citizen wants to be removed from “we” And surrender lovingly to the charisma of their leader. The Kirchner struggle scene presents these scenes.

Gratitude with the Peronian “V” fingers on vaccination is an example of the political tenderness that defines the power relations between Kirchnerian citizens and their politicians. Instead of critical distance with strength and demanding attitude, a love of gratitude. Instead of politicians who have been envisioned as officials who should give accounts, citizens are subordinate to political leaders who are admired.

Expressions of love towards Christina Kirchner are constant in Kirchner’s networks. New is the increasingly persistent attraction of the same dialect in the relationship between Kirchnerism and Kicillof. The increasing political centralization of his personality finds a mirror in that rising installation.

Kiselov’s announcement on Friday, well escalated to “himself” as Putin rode his horse and promised to give Indian vaccines to millions, created a climate in the ruling party. Martin Rodriguez Libra He described it well in one word: “sugar”. The clearest tweet at that point was the one posted by Banco Ciudad’s manager and later deleted Russian dolphinaDaughter of the Minister of Defense Agustin Rossi. “When you rule a county but you rule a country. Thank you Kicillof!”He tweeted, to celebrate yoists Kicillof.

Rossi’s tweet captures well the personal moment of the Kirchnery and the ideal citizenship he imagines. on one hand, Clarify the specific weight that Kiselov is working to consolidate more and moreAnd the That cast a shadow over Fernandez’s leadership. It is the cake cherry that was missing in the thousand sheets cooked in La Plata with the visits of the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzmansenior leaders of the ruling party, Maximo Kirchner and Sergio Massa.

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On the other hand, the tweet is evidence of idolatry towards the politician and specifically, on the degree of personality. The V-Dem Institute defines political personality as “the degree to which the leader of a government is presented as someone with extraordinary personal characteristics or leadership. The head of government can be seen as the father or mother of a nation, heroic, moral, pious or exceptionally wise.” Putin, for example, is at the highest levels of this indicator.

The lack of transparency is a natural alternative for Argentina as the government begins to regard them as a special category that should not be held accountable. The unanswered questions that still surround the “Pfizer case” are beginning to become a disturbing structural example of the sometimes opaque, sometimes dark, but never transparent, process of decision-making that The ruling party does not feel obligated to give accurate data, and at the same time thank the citizens for vaccination.

This critique of capitalism that Fernandez faced with Putin did not take into account that Putin himself is the leader of one of the most controversial versions of the system, “friend capitalism,” centered around state capitalism that controls the most productive and profitable pockets of friends or symbols of political power. Criticism resonates with Kirchnerih.

It’s not just a geopolitical question, about how Argentina puts the Kirchneri in the pool of nations, and that’s the key: Every international stitch that the ruling party provides is a sample of the current and future vision of the country and Argentina that it imagines.. Above all, the kind of society, style of citizenship and political leadership he aspires to.

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