Macron’s attempts to avoid a heart attack | French police confiscated containers protesting pension reform

french president, Emmanuel MacronOn Thursday, he encountered a New protest against pension reform which was issued by his government, during a visit to a school in the town of Ganges, southern France. Popular Focus, local media reported, was suppressed By the police, who fired tear gas and confiscated the basins of the protesters.

“Eggs and pans are only suitable for cooking in my house”Macron commented on the mobilization against him, during a conversation with left-wing deputy Sebastian Roma, who assured him that the “resistance” was “somewhat far away,” although it “could not be heard.”

As can be seen in the video, prior to the President’s visit to the Ganges, Local authorities banned “portable sound devices”, so the police confiscated pots from the protesters And keep them away from the president’s delegation, even with the use of tear gas.

“Can you get out of a democratic crisis by banning frying pans?” , Environmental MP Sandrine Russo was questioned, prior to the surprise procedure. “We are eagerly awaiting the bill that would ban its sale,” joked communist spokesman Ian Brusatte.

Visiting the Gang Education Center north of Montpellier, It was Macron’s second public outage since the approval of his unpopular pension reform on Saturday.

The first was on Wednesday, when the 45-year-old liberal president went to Selestat, in northeastern France, and was greeted with boos and pot banging. The purpose of the trip was to defend his 100-day plan to overcome the social and political crisis prevailing in the country.

The reform that delays the retirement age from 62 to 64 years was approved by the French government in March by decree, despite the rejection of the unions and a large part of the population.. According to Macron, this is a necessary measure to avoid bankruptcy of the French pension fund because people are living longer than before.

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Last week, the Constitutional Council approved the reform, rejecting the appeals submitted by the opposition parties. Finally, it was issued on Saturday by the French President.

This week, the president tried to turn the page on the public uproar he’s made with his pension reform, launching a tour of France to defend the package of measures through which he wants to relaunch his second term until 2027, directed, and some others. them, in re-manufacturing and education.

This Thursday, for example, in the Ganges, he promised to raise teachers’ salaries “between 100 and 230 euros net per month” ($110 and $250), because, he said, “teachers should be better recognized and paid.”

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