With this Android app, you can find out if AirTag is tracking you or not

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AirTags have been helpful in finding lost things, this Apple product uses the “Find My” app to release a location; Plus, it has the ability to stick to just about anything, making it a quality tracker.

Now, this is also a huge privacy issue thanks to those who abuse it. Although iOS users have some tools to combat such a situation, people who prefer Android have felt “helpless” – until now.

Currently, AirTags creates a vast network that allows tracking not only small devices, but also people, in return for this, Apple has a function that avoids tracking, because If your iPhone detects that an AirTag it doesn’t have is tracking it, the phone will send an alert and if it can’t be found, it will start beeping.

However, Android users did not have these protections, facing the problem that “Tracker Detect” plays its role, An Android app designed to find AirTags and see if someone is tracking your location.

How to use Tracker Detector

To take advantage of this app, simply download it from the Google Play Store, as you don’t need an Apple account or a brand device to run it.

Then people will have to open the app and hit “Scan,” so it will start tracking tags from AirTags, in contrast, Apple says it can take up to 15 minutes to find an AirTag separate from its owner, until you feel safe after that time If the app does not detect anything unusual, otherwise it will be flagged as “Unknown AirTag”.

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Once the tracker is detected, people can run it for 10 minutes to help find it, once in their hands, if you have an NFC reader on your phone, you can scan it to get more information about your origin.

To clear the AirTag, simply hold the top of the phone to the white side of the tracking chip, from here a notification should appear with valuable information such as the device serial number or the owner’s phone if this has marked the AirTag as missing.

Tracker Detect also contains instructions for removing the battery from the AirTag if you suspect that someone is tracking it, or if you think they are, you can return it to its owner.

Thieves use tracking technology to steal cars

Thieves are smarter in carrying out their plans. They now take advantage of technological devices such as Apple AirTags to use to their advantage when committing burglaries.

Last month, a Canadian police report emerged explaining a new method used by thieves to steal cars and that they fear it will reach other countries.

The uniformed officers discovered that some criminals were taking advantage of the Apple AirTag utility, which focuses on forgetful users who haven’t found their keys or wallets, to locate their victims after selecting them in advance.

It was no coincidence that the police found AirTags near the places where thefts were reported. From September 2021 to the beginning of December, at least five equal cases were recorded.

The authorities indicated in the report that The method of work One of the thieves was going to look for their victims in the mall. Once found, they taped the AirTag to the underside of the vehicle so the driver wouldn’t see it and continue its journey.

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At night, the thieves went to The exact location of AirTag and by means of a key fob they entered the car; Within minutes, they took him away without alerting anyone.

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