Counter-Strike 2 copied one of the most interesting elements of Valorant, and it was the smartest decision: Even Valve needs to learn from others – Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike has always been the cool benchmark for video game shooting, but it needed to learn a lesson.

Those responsible for communication counter strike They define a video game as “your favorite shooter your favorite shooter”. It’s not that they hide it much, but they don’t lie either. Valve game is the obvious reference Among all the first-person tactical action games with a competitive element. We no longer have to just go for obvious comparisons to Valorant or Rainbow Six: Siege. Even Call of Duty has had a mode clearly inspired by the main game aspect of a Valve title for a long time.

Valve needs to learn a lesson from others

The problem is that knowing a great reference in the sector can lead you to some relief or not adding elements that could improve the title or, at the very least, make it more attractive. Global aggression He got it wrong in the 10 years he’s been available and that’s why it was one of the big surprises to see Counter-Strike 2 took some interesting ideas from another video game. They say the devil is in the details and it’s precisely one of those little things we’re referring to. Specifically, what happens when we kill an enemy.

Most games have many systems to reward the player when they do something well.

In Global Offensive when you eliminate a competitor… absolutely nothing happens. He would no doubt end up ironing the floor with his ear, however No item intends to reward the player Beyond the distinctive sound of a bullet in the head. However, if we think about all the other great shooting games, we will realize this This is a unique case. Rainbow Six: Siegeany Call of duty talk or brave They have certain systems to reward the players in case they can achieve the kill target. If you do good things, the game lets you know very clear ways.

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The king of this is undoubtedly Call of Duty. The Activision franchise is non-stop motivating gamers. Medals or positive scores never stop showing up on the screen. Even the “Hitmarker,” whose job should be to inform us that we’ve hit a shot, is meant as a volume bonus. In Rainbow Six: Siege, things are a little calmer, but something similar is happening with points. The greatest balance and great mirror Valve looked at was Valorant.

Counter-Strike 2 rewards Medals with every kill.

In Riot Games, when we kill an enemy, a medal appears This is exactly what will happen in Counter-Strike 2 Upon achieving a kill, it dramatically increases the number of enemies we eliminate. Valve didn’t just make major gameplay changes or technical tweaks to try to improve the quality of the games. also He did something that hitherto seemed practically unthinkable: think of casual players. Thus, they ended up adding systems that are taken for granted in other video games but so far had no place in your favorite shooter.

Valve has never opened the door too much for “casual” players.

Everything is represented in this medal. It’s a harmless change for those who are already falling in love with Counter-Strike and have this version in their sights. In fact, I’ve seen many content creators and veterans say they’ll disable it in the final version of the game. but, This nonsense – in the most harmful sense of the word – is important for the future from one valve That is, as we’ve already said, with one of the most diverse video games in history, many doors have been closed for not making that kind of commitment.

Counter-Strike 2 brings improvements of all kinds. Now we can see each other’s feet!

There will also be other measures of access. Players will be able to see an indicator on the map showing how loud their steps are and it will also simplify training tasks to throw grenades in the right places. Counter-Strike 2 developers have fixed it The failure of a historic global attack made something that should be so simple inconsistentThrow grenades while jumping. Now you no longer have to create a strange command and add it to the game files.

For those of us who have been playing for a long time, Counter-Strike 2 settings may not be very interesting to us. but, The main move for Valve is to look in the mirror of Valorant and see why the game is so easy To succeed according to the regions of the planet. This may be the favorite shooter among other video games, but even teachers have to learn from their students before.

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