Innocent Saints Day: How is it celebrated in the world and what are the origins of the celebration

the December 28 celebrate day Innocent Saints Day, commonly known as April Fools’ Day, a date that brings together two festivities of different origins and purposes.

On the one hand, the Christian Church suggested this day In honor of the children who died during the reign of King Herod. According to the Gospel of Saint Matthew, the story began when the Magi visited Jerusalem. They were looking for the future king of Israel, presumably newly born. Conceiving a star, the Magi set out for Bethlehem and Herod did not know the identity of the possible future king.

From this point, King Herod began to fear for the presence of the newborn and ordered the soldiers to kill all children under the age of two who were in Bethlehem. Its foundations were based on preventing the birth of Jesus.

April Fools’ Day Begins

The other hypothesis about April Fools’ Day lies in middle Ages, when young clergy celebrated between Christmas and Kings Day. These parties were hilarious, comedic and carnival, which were held teasing and joking for its participants.

These meetings were aimed at Protesting the status of the church at that timeAnd the way they lived and their shortcomings. Through irony, the faithful showed their displeasure in an atypical manner for the formality of this institution.

Innocent saints day in the world

In Spanish-speaking countries, the Day of the Innocents includes jokes about people, with the premise that the innocent are deceived. Phrases such as “You fell innocent” or “I hope your innocence is worth it” are common today.

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Over the years, Innocents Day has lost its tragic tone or memory, gaining recognition thanks to its jokes and festive atmosphere.

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