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The astonishing negotiations between the Macri family and the wind farms will pass a new chapter today: Toward noon, before Judge Marcelo Martinez de Giorgi, for Zoom, Mariano Macri will give a testimony statement.

In Santiago O’Donnell’s book, Brother, Mariano said the shameless wind farm business was mainly done by Mauricio, who used Gianfranco Macri as a front man.

“The other brothers were never given a piece of paper, only very brief information, without telling us who they were related to and what the contracts were.” In passing hands, Macri has left – under the Mauritian government – $ 70 million in profits in just 11 months. Mariana Nanis, the ex-wife of Claudio Paul Canigia, had to declare and provide documents confirming that the footballer did a great job with Macri on the wind farms. Nanis has spoken a lot in the media, but little is fair. The judge issued an appeal to the United States.

And you know, After the publication of O’Donnell’s book, Mariano Macri feels some regret for his words. This may be reflected in your statement to the judge. It is true that in the book itself, the brother of the former president provided few details and, as he said, he did not have much to identify because they kept him away from “work.”

The facts were as follows:

* During Christina Kirchner’s government, bids were floated for so-called wind farms, which are extensions in which windmills are placed. The goal: to produce clean energy.

* Spanish Isolux won the tender in 2009 and is Macri’s traditional partner in several companies.

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* Isolux stayed with four parks, Loma Blanca I, II, III and IV, all in Chubut.

* Failed to develop. It just started Loma Blanca IV.

*When Macri took office, the contracts were reconfirmedBut in parallel, the group created companies that had a president, Raimbow Finance de Luxembourg. The plot was discovered almost entirely by Perfil journalist Emilia Delfino. Today it is known from an international investigation of journalists that it is involved NationWhat or what The person who ran Raimbow is Gianfranco Macri, secretly in Luxembourg.

* The summit of the iceberg was seen when it was learned that one of the companies armed by the Macri Group had loaned Gianfranco $ 2 million at the expense of the profits. It was revealed by journalist Gabriel Morini.

*The Macri government provided more parks and left Isolux with two others. Loma Blanca VI and Miramar, in the province of Buenos Aires, despite the fact that the Spanish company was bankrupt, denounced corruption in their countries and did not comply with the tenders.

* The Macri Group, through two companies, Sidsel and Sideli, with Raimbow station in Luxembourg, bought the gardens from Isolux, and after eleven months they sold them with a profit of $ 70 million. Five gardens were sold to a Chinese company and the rest to Jorge Brito.

* Before that, they left everything ready so that the work was perfect. As revealed the pageIn the parks, power is purchased by the state, and the Macri government has granted an additional fee per megawatt to the Macri Group wind farms. In tenders, the state promised to pay $ 59 per megawatt and Macri raised it to $ 71.

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* All this scandal was condemned by lawmakers Rodolfo Tilhade and Martin Donat, and this is the reason for the case before the court.

After a search that was not easy, the judge was able to locate Mariano Macri’s home and summon him as a witness. It remains to be seen if he repeats that Gianfranco was a figurehead of Mauritius on the wind farms.

In parallel, Mariana Nanis appeared saying that she had many documents that would prove that Canigia dealt with Mauricio billions of dollars.It is a number that does not correspond to reality.

Nanis was summoned to Commodore B on March 1, but at the last minute she gave a brief saying she was abroad. The judge decided to issue an appeal to justice in the United States for Al-Bird’s ex-wife to hand over the documents she claims to have.

sometimes, The woman said she accessed a Canigia computer and kept all the contents, including documents related to the wind farms. It will be necessary to see the content of these documents and, above all, if it is legal for justice to use them in a case.

Carlos Tévez and Guillermo Barros Schelloto are also involved in the wind farm business, who have invested money in the only wind farm that has already started operating, Loma Blanca IV.

The donation is empty, with bank transfers, which can save you trouble. Macri’s situation is different, especially Mauricio. His government awarded gardens to his former partners, set rates higher than those stipulated in the contract, and bought the gardens under cover and resold them without doing anything at all. Of course, he kept the profit.

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