Jobbik expects some cycling stores to specialize in textiles and accessories


The company has restructured. From left to right: José Ramón Ortín (Chief Business Officer), Alberto Medrano (Director of Sales and Global Marketing Director), Alberto García (Chief Product Officer) and Juan Miguel Muñoz (VP of General Management).

(12-5-2023). Jobbik’s sales director, Albert Medrano, expects some stores in the bicycle sector to specialize in textiles and accessories within about three years, following in the footsteps of the United States and Canada. The cycling apparel company has set a goal to continue its internationalization by 2024.

“Some bike shops in the US and Canada have already chosen not to work with bikes, and in about three years this phenomenon will happen here,” Albert Medrano, Gobik’s commercial and marketing director, tells CMDSport.

“It’s a trend that will make some companies more sustainable because they won’t need to sell something as expensive as a bike,” he explains, recalling that they will also have a “more repeat customer.” “The bike does not change every year, but the clothes evolve every season,” he stresses.

In this context, Medrano confirms that the points of sale are currently working to “optimize” their offer of textiles and accessories, because they “marry the brands that have the largest number of outlets.” “If you used to find five brands in a store, now there are only two or three,” he admits.

2024 expansion

Looking to 2024, Medrano confirms that the sector “will witness an expansion starting in the second half of the year, after consolidating itself during the first half of the year.” “At Jobbik, we are ready for this moment, so our plans are to grow globally,” he reveals.

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Therefore, in addition to establishing its presence in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, Jobbik will seek to reach Germany and the United Kingdom. “We want to repeat the good work we did in Spain,” he emphasizes. This is the target set after a “positive” 2023 in which “we will have an increase in sales volumes and close with profits,” he says.

Today, between 35% and 40% of the Yecla (Murcia)-based company’s sales are produced outside Spain. The goal is for this number to grow to represent 75% of the total. Gobik, which has 200 employees, has two lines of business: its collections and its customized products, which account for 50% of the business respectively.

Organizational restructuring

With the aim of facing its future internationalization, the company announced an organizational restructuring in various areas. He stressed that “this initiative aims to strengthen the company’s position as the undisputed leader in the cycling textiles sector, while at the same time supporting the innovative vision of the brand.”

The Director of Operations and Sales to date, Juan Miguel Muñoz, has been promoted to Deputy General Manager, a newly created position. For his part, Medrano has been promoted to Director of Sales and Director of Global Marketing. Until now he was the marketing director of the company.

Likewise, the company’s CEO and co-founder, Alberto García, became Chief Product Officer, a newly created position, while Gobik’s other CEO and co-founder, José Ramón Ortín, became Chief Business Officer.

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