Spotlight, and the Tick tock Snap chat response, hopes to democratize earnings in India as well

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Update date: March 16, 2021, 3:03:17 PM

Snap Ink’s Spotlight, the company’s short video platform, such as Tick Tick and Instagram Reels Response, is now available in India. Spotlight is available inside the SnapChat app and is an entertainment platform featuring user-generated content. Snap claims Spotlight had over 100 million users in January.

Spotlight allows users to post their fun and funny photos or short videos on the platform and then display them on other platforms. On SnapChat, there is no public place where everyone can view user-generated content, unless there is an impact with millions of followers. Spotlight changes this perspective slightly.

Another unique aspect of Spotlight is that Snap will pay creators whose content is spread on the platform. It has a million dollar a day program, which will also be available in India. However, SnapChat users must be 16 years or older and, where applicable, must obtain parental consent to be eligible for the earnings.

For SnapChat users, it is impossible to get comments on the platform unless they have millions of followers or subscribers. The end result was that users created content using SnapChat’s camera tools, but it was published elsewhere on platforms like Tactic (although available in India), and even YouTube, as well as Facebook and .com in a call.

With Spotlight, the spokesman added, the company “wants to democratize acquisition power in the same way that it democratizes access to distribution.” The idea is that one can only have a video with 10 followers, millions of people watch it and also make money as a result of these ideas.

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The difference between Tik Tok Spotlight or Instagram Reals is that there are no public comments. Messages that users can send to viral content creators will not go to their regular inbox. Snap says this was done to protect consumers and ensure that they do not encounter any issues on the platform. Moreover, the lack of comments also means that the creators will be protected from bullying or harassment of any kind, which has become commonplace on many platforms.

A Snap spokesperson also said the idea is not only to send content from the US to India and other countries, but also to encourage local creators to post on the platform and create their own identity. Although the company will be working on more partnerships in India, it also intends to explain the feature first to users so that they can understand the platform and how to use it.

Spotlight profiles will be private by default, ensuring that the username will never go into this post unless the user explicitly chooses a public profile. Once the user has access to the public profile, they can also accomplish the following.

The spokesperson added: “This ability to collaborate without revealing your username is very important because it requires people to never collaborate in any other way and find a place where they can be without discrimination. You feel incredibly safe to create.”

To get paid by Snap, the content has to be real. The spokesperson explained that one cannot just go to YouTube and copy some videos and upload them back into the spotlight and then start making money. When a user’s video on Spotlight reaches a certain level where it is eligible to pay, the SnapChat team can pay for it. You will receive a message.

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Snap also said that every article posted on Spotlight is viewed and moderated by both human and machine, before being shown to large numbers of people. Humanitarian officials must make sure that you follow Snap’s instructions and follow local rules and regulations.

Along with India, Spotlight is now spread to Mexico and Brazil. It was released in the first 11 countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France.

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