Intersections between Mexico and the United States are at their highest in 20 years – Telam

According to the Minister of Security, the number of illegal immigrants may be the highest in two decades.

Border crossings between Mexico and the United States are on track to reach their highest levels in 20 yearsUS President Joe Biden’s government warned Tuesday.

Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayoras said Tuesday morning that the United States is expected to reach the largest number of people detained on the southwestern border between the United States and Mexico for two decades.

“We expel most adults and families. We do not expel unaccompanied children.”

Alejandro Mayuras, Minister of Security

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) a A convention center in Dallas, Texas, to house up to 3,000 unaccompanied immigrant teenagersNo, NBC Cadena confirmation.

“The situation on the southwestern border is difficult. We are working around the clock to manage it and will continue to do so. We are on our way to meet more individuals at the southwestern border compared to the past 20 years,” Mayoras said in a statement. Declaration.

“We expel most adults and families. We do not expel unaccompanied children,” sum.

The growing number of immigrants trying to cross the border, the highest since spring 2019, has become an early test for Biden as he seeks to split from his predecessor Donald Trump, who has gone to great lengths to drastically curb both regulars and irregulars. Immigration.

A detention center for illegal immigrants.

A detention center for illegal immigrants.

Children’s case

Many of the migrants found are unaccompanied childrenAbout six or seven years old and most of them are from Central America, Mayuras explained.

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The official admitted that the increase in the number of children is a challenge to border patrols and other agencies in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, but rejected the Trump-era policy to immediately return them to Mexico or other countries.

“They are vulnerable children and we have ended the practice of the previous government to expel them,” said Mayuras.

The number of children crossing alone increased by 60% from January to more than 9,400 in February, According to the latest available stats, CNN news reported.

Malloras noted that 80% of children, the vast majority from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, have relatives in the United States, and 40% have a father.

The number of children crossing alone increased by 60% from January to more than 9,400 in February.

Generally, unaccompanied children are transferred into the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) within 72 hours of their arrest.

However, Mayuras acknowledged that the 72-hour deadline to transport the children is not always met because border guard facilities are overcrowded.

Faced with this situation, some progressive Democrats and others attacked the Biden administration for keeping children in detention for longer than permitted while looking for a place in shelters run by HHS.

Immigrants under the age of 18 are allowed to stay in the country while the government decides whether they have a legal claim to residency, either under asylum law or for some other reason.

The United States continues to expel most adults and families to Mexico or their countries of origin.

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However, Mayuras explained that exceptions are made for adults with “certain severe vulnerabilities” not identified or for families when Mexican authorities do not have the capacity in the shelters to receive them.

Republicans in Congress have claimed that Biden’s support for immigration legislation and the decision to allow people to file legal asylum claims has become a magnet for immigrants, but Mayuras indicated that there have been sudden increases in the past, including under Trump.

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