Why is the life expectancy of dogs shorter than other dogs? | Specialists warn of health problems

A recent study warned that Dogs with cerebral palsy – known as Bulldogs – are twice as likely to have health problems from other dogs. Although it is considered “nice and tender”, specialists assure that continuing to selective education From this breed will be the addition of animals whose puppies are doomed to many diseases that are inevitable throughout their lives.

According to research by British specialists, In recent years, the head has swelled -represents a flat snout- They’ve been taken to the extreme in the case of the English bulldog, French bulldog, and pug. He acted out of “fashion,” which leaves aside the danger it poses to the animal.

The report published in the magazine Canine medicine and geneticsAnd the They analyzed more than 2,600 Bulldogs living in Great Britain and compared them to more than 22,000 dogs of different breeds. The results once again confirmed the poor health of these animals, and indicated that this was due to “Extreme physical characteristics” are generated during their breeding.

The most common health problems detected were: Infections in the skin folds (38 times more likely than other dogs), a An eye disorder known as cherry eye (possibility 26 times) and lower jaw protrusion (24 times more likely). In addition, they are 19 times more likely to suffer Respiratory problems.

Dan O’Neill, a researcher at University College London and co-author of the study, said: It is necessary for society to “accept” that there are “many serious health problems” related to this breed due to its physical strength. “People should ask for a bulldog whose body is more moderate so that the breed does not disappear, but can live in luxury.”

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Decreased life expectancy

This is not the first work to focus on the health of dogs with cerebral palsy. A study published in April of this year in the journal Scientific Reports already showed that life expectancy Bred from flat-faced breeds, such as French, English and Pug bulldogs, it was Up to 4.5 years less Compared to those that live long as the Jack Russell terrier.

O’Neill’s study also pointed to this issue, detailing it Only 9.7 percent of bulldogs tested are over eight years old, While 25.4% of the remaining races were older than that.

Faced with this scenario, vets in different parts of the world are asking people to Do not buy these dogs and do not encourage their selective breeding, even solve already identified problems. Countries such as the Netherlands and Norway have banned the breeding of dogs with cerebral palsy.

This does not mean that there are breeds that should disappear, but it does mean that available alternatives should be considered to improve their health.said the specialist.

Similarly, he explained that in breeders they know about the existence of these diseases related to the body of the breed for more than a century, but they do nothing to transfer it to responsible breeding.

For this reason it was considered that people had a leading role in promoting change, concerned about the welfare of this famous and popular type of dog. “Changes are necessary for pets to live a healthy life without suffering from selective breeding.‘ O’Neill concluded.

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