Hamas confirms the negotiation of a three-day truce in exchange for the release of about 12 hostages

A source close to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) confirmed that negotiations were underway to reach a truce on Wednesday. Three days in the Gaza Strip In exchange for the release of a group of hostages.

The information had already emerged earlier this Wednesday From Qatari sources

A man makes T-shirts with the hostage’s face and the legend “Bring him home now.” Photo: Reuters

According to this version, Qatar It mediates between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas to Between 10 to 15 hostages were released Prisoners in Gaza in exchange for a ceasefire for a day or two.

He added, “The negotiations are taking place through Qatari mediation.” In coordination with the United StatesTo ensure the release of between 10 and 15 hostages in exchange for a ceasefire for a day or two.

A source close to the ruling Islamic movement in Gaza told AFP that it was a “three-day humanitarian truce.”

Discussions They are stumbling at the moment about the “duration” of the truce And inclusion in it “From the northern Gaza StripThe source identified the main theater of combat operations, adding that “Qatar is awaiting a response from the Israelis.”

240 hostages

The Israeli army has been bombing the Gaza Strip since October 7, in response to the incursion launched by Hamas into its territory, which left more than 1,400 people dead, most of them civilians, and took about 240 people hostage, including Argentines, according to the Israeli army. authorities.

A Palestinian woman cries after losing her son.  Photo: EFE A Palestinian woman cries after losing her son. Photo: EFE

Qatar where hAbbas has his own political officeHe provided millions of dollars in financial aid to Gaza, and previously participated in the mediation that led to his release Four hostagesAn American, her daughter, and two Israeli women.

Last Sunday, Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani stated that his country It is determined to continue mediation effortsDespite the difficulties “caused by the practices of the Israeli occupation” on the ground.

InformativeAFP no.

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