The municipal authorities in Las Heras called a strike because Orozco was not paying them the bonus

The relationship between Mayor Orozco And the Las Heras workers It has deteriorated. After the correspondence he made United Union of Municipal Workers of Las Heras (SUTRAMLH) Where they demanded from the head of the sect Pay the bonus An amount of $60,000 was announced nationally, but the two parties did not reach an agreement.

On Tuesday, September 5, the union issued a new statement regarding… A state of alert, strike and mobilization. A letter inserted on the municipal entrance table alerts Orozco to the situation.

from here, Sergio Ruel, Secretary General of SUTRAM, made the power meter official. The municipalities claimed, “Be aware of the inadequacy of the proposal submitted by the municipal executive authority regarding the reward that was announced at the national level, and which is disbursed at the governorate level and in all departments of our governorate.”

As they declare: “Our being From Wednesday 9/6 until Friday 9/8, we are in a state of alert, strike, and alert. From 07:00 am

A delegate body meeting will be held with the union committee on Wednesday the 6th of this month to assess the scope of the force’s action. On the other hand, the municipal workers’ strike is scheduled to begin on Thursday. In this sense, they circulated a message among the Commune workers saying: “Comrades. It’s time for us all to unite for this cause, the $60,000 reward. Tomorrow.” -For this Wednesday- Each delegate will report to the Assembly in his district the proposal which the Executive has given us and the counter-proposal which we have left behind. Ten o’clock in the morning, meeting of delegates in our union. We will determine the strike for Thursday and Friday and the method of strike. Today the Ministry of Labor has been duly notified. “Let us all try to attend the delegates meeting and above all, let us be united in facing this situation.”

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The Union has not yet officially announced the areas that will be affected or the form of force that will take. They explained to “The decision will be taken in the Council on Wednesday.” mail.

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