Why is Salma Hayek replacing Thanden Newton in ‘Magic Mike Last Dance’?

mexican actress Salma Hayek will be surrounded stripper For the next sequel Magic MikeThe movie, starring Channing Tatum, is currently being filmed in the United Kingdom.

Selma was chosen to replace Thandeen Newton, as the heroine, after the actress left the project directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Thandwe Newton He made the difficult decision to step away from production Magic Mike’s last dance From Warner Bros. Pictures to take care of family affairs,” the studio said in a statement.

However, the publication the sun It was claimed that the actress was fired after a heated argument with Channing, alleging an altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock during the Oscars. According to a tabloid source, the controversy went to “sudden” and “extremely violent” extremes.

“They fell out because of the Oscars disaster. I was on set. He was watching them both. They came in and out of the house we were filming in while they didn’t stop arguing.” It was a tense exchange of words, but suddenly everything escalated. Channing got into the car and disappeared.”

“After the disagreement he just said ‘I won’t work with her anymore.'” The anonymous person said “Being the producer, it’s his movie, so I stayed out.”

It must be remembered that Newton worked with Will Smith in 2006 on the tape The pursuit of happinessyes

Although not much is known about the details of the role Veracruz played, Channing Tatum has revealed that in this final installment of his film, women will be a vital component of a story that will include one of them trapped in a striptease show.

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This is the third film for the character who catapulted Tatum to stardom which, according to the same actor who narrated on various occasions, is related to an experience in his real life as a stripper.

The feature film, which will only be released on HBO Max and produced by Gregory Jacobs, who has also been in Magic Mike XXLhopes to repeat the box office success represented by the first two films, the latest production in which Selma participated, after her appearance in the Eternals, with which she entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Additionally, Hayek participated in Gucci House The group featured Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, Adam Driver, and Al Pacino, under the direction of Ridley Scott.

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