What is a Grand Chelem or Grand Slam in Formula 1?

The Formula 1 It is an amazing class in motorsports and has great idols from different generations. Most of these know what it’s like to have one (or more) Grand Chelm. If you are not involved in motorsport, then today we will tell you what it is all about.

This consists of the same pilot Take center stage, win the race, set the fastest lap And lead the race from start to finish. It is not easy to achieve everything, because the safety car, precise maneuvering and even a millimeter error can change everything.

Some say the correct term is Grand Chelem; however, A grand slam was also performed Sometimes. For example, Ferrari and Formula 1 recently posted it on their social networks.

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26 drivers have achieved one or more Grand Chelem

Getting a Grand Chelem is nothing and there are still quite a few pilots who can boast about it. Charles Leclerc made his career debut at the 2022 Australian Grand Prix; In addition, there are four other drivers on the current network with it.

Max Verstappen did it in Austria 2021 and Fernando Alonso in Singapore 2010. For his part, Lewis Hamilton He is one of the greatest advocates of the Grand Chelem in all of history. British six: Malaysia 2014; Italy 2015; China, Canada and Great Britain in 2017, as well as Abu Dhabi in 2019.

Sebastian Vettel Don’t fall behind. The German boasts the Grand Slams in India and Japan in 2011; Similarly, Singapore and South Korea in 2013.

But if we talk about the history in the field of Grand Chelem, the name Jim Clark is the most important. A two-time champion, he earned this achievement eight times. Great Britain 1962; Holland, France, Mexico in 1963 and Great Britain in 1964; South Africa, France and Germany in 1965.

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The list is complemented by Damon Hill, Gerhard Berger, Gilles Villeneuve and Jacques Lafitte; Niki Lauda, ​​Clay Rigazzoni, Jackie Eckes, Joe Seifert; Stirling Moss and Mike Hawthorne have one.

Nico Rosberg, Mika Hakkinen, Jack Brabham, and Juan Manuel Fangio have owned two Grand Chelms throughout their careers. Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell have three, while Ayrton Senna fourJust like Jackie Stewart.

finally, Michael Schumacher scored five in Monaco and Canada 1994; Spain 2002, Australia and Hungary 2004. It was obtained by Alberto Ascari in France, Germany and the Netherlands in 1952, and Argentina and Great Britain in 1953.

What is a Grand Chelem or Grand Slam in Formula 1 and which drivers have achieved that?

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