Why did they compare Shakira with Lady Di, before confirming their split from Pique

Compare Shakira with Lady Di (Image: IG @ Shakira/File)

After several days where there was speculation about the possible final separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique due to the footballer’s infidelity, The celebrity couple finally confirmed their breakup through a statement. However, before this announcement, it did not take long for users of social networks to associate a strange outfit that the Colombian used to He was on the red carpet on May 25 with the famous “revenge dress” by Mrs. D.

in this eventAnd the singer hits like Barefoot Anthology also if you go Came with dazzling The black dress that was bra The neckline was sweetheart And a wide leg opening.

Netizens were quick to point out that Shakira’s outfit could be a clear reference to a similar piece she was using. Diana, Princess of Wales in 1994 When Prince Charles publicly confirmed he was having an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Celebrities wore similar dresses (Images: Twitter @theemmegirl)
Celebrities wore similar dresses (Images: Twitter @theemmegirl)

That is when both cuts intersect and transcend the simple dress, it has been speculated that this could be one of the first indications that Shakira referred to The status of his relationship with the player No. 3 in FC Barcelona.

“Tell me I’m not the only one who understood the reference to the most famous revenge in recent times. Shakira and Lady Di, of course you’re a queen.” “They won’t deceive me, that dress that Shakira wore in Cannes was the dress of revenge. Lady Di would be like this: I look at you, notice you, analyze you and respect you,” were some of the signs that appeared in Twitter.

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To understand more about the significance of this costume, one has to go back to the mid-nineties in the UK, when Lady D was revealed in front of the tiara and used a bold dress They do not match the properties of the real protocol.

Historically, it all happened on June 29, 1994, the day e . happenedPrince Charles has publicly admitted his extramarital affair with Camilla Parker Bowles In a TV interview with Jonathan Dimbleb.

Diana wearing a Christina Stambolian dress (Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)
Diana wearing a Christina Stambolian dress (Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)

And so while heControversy over Carlos’ betrayal has increased in the media around the world, Mrs. Di I decided at the last minute to attend summer party Vanity Fair At the Serpentine Show, after reviewing her wardrobe, she decided on a bold black dress she’s been wearing since 1991 and that was Designed by Christina Stambolian.

Opinions about a look Mrs. Di was split on that occasion and the outfit was named “revenge dress(The dress of revenge).

Some media at the time were quick to praise the princess, while others used subtle criticism of her.

Diana and Prince Charles got married (Image: Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)
Diana and Prince Charles got married (Image: Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

for the sunDiana’s off-the-knee, off-the-knee look made for the perfect cover photo, along with the headline: “The passion he left behind to attract Camilla.”

The analysis telegraph It was marked by more than a hint of doubt: “Princess of Wales She didn’t have to go out to dinner in front of the TV cameras at the Serpentine Gallery last night to avoid seeing her husband share his soul with the nation on Skype. She could have watched a video, played bridge, or washed her hair and snuggled in bed. It’s amazing what some people do to avoid press speculation.”

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