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The Fourth of July is one of the most important celebrations in the United States. Photo: CompositionLR/La República Archive

The Fourth of July is an important date for Americans because it celebrates independence day. This is part of 1 of 11 federal holidays, that is, it is a nationwide holiday. This is according to the Office of Personnel Management, the organization that regulates it. It became a public holiday on June 28, 1870, and the federal government declared it a paid holiday in 1941.. If you want to know the origin of this ceremony, check out this note for what you should know.

Why is Independence Day celebrated on July 4th in the United States?

The reason United States Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th is because on this date, in 1776, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston Act of Independence.

How is the Fourth of July celebrated in the United States?

The independence of the United States is usually celebrated with outdoor activities because it is summer. Luncheons, barbecues, celebrations, processions, or even concerts are held, depending on where you are.

Phrases for celebrating the Fourth of July in the United States

  • This Fourth of July, let’s celebrate America’s indomitable spirit and the American Dream!
  • On this Independence Day, let us remember and thank our heroes for living in a free land. Happy Fourth of July!
  • This Fourth of July, let’s honor those who sacrificed everything for our freedom. Happy Independence Day!
  • Let freedom shine in every corner of the United States. Happy Independence Day!
  • Today we celebrate the spirit of initiative and determination that shaped our nation. Happy Independence Day!
  • May freedom endure and hope shine on America’s horizon. Happy Fourth of July!
  • On this special day, let us celebrate the unity and patriotism of the United States. Happy Fourth of July!
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