Democrats in the House of Representatives amend the rule of deep fraud for the trial of the Republican Party

Democrats in the House of Representatives today introduced a package of rules that gives the Ethics Committee a year to recommend how it should treat members who post false, unverified content on social media.

why does it matter: The Democrat-led Rules Committee changed its package of rules after Republicans claimed that an original proposal to make it a breach of ethics to post so-called deepfakes violated First Amendment rights. The package was voted on today.

Backstory: Last year Rep. Paul Gossard (R) Post a manipulated photo On Twitter, President Obama is shown shaking hands with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Obama and Rouhani have not met face to face.

  • The real photo was taken in 2011, and it showed Obama shaking hands with then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
  • President Trump also shared a fake video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Facebook and Twitter purporting to show her rash speech during a press conference.

Republicans have openly criticized al Qaeda After House Democrats introduced a progressive rulebook package to unlock the 117th Congress full of ways to promote diversity and inclusion.

  • For the first time, he proposed a rule that would make members post unverified content in violation of ethics. This rule was revised after the Republican Party complaints.
  • Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, a senior Republican member of the rules committee, said in a statement released on Saturday that the rule is “full of potential for abuse and is likely to be enforced in a way that creates double standards between the majority and the minority.”
  • During a speech introducing Nancy Pelosi as spokesperson Sunday night, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy shared his own critique.
  • “They will punish anyone who publishes news or views that the Liberals and their media allies regard as fake,” McCarthy said. They actually make this a violation of ethics – which is usually limited to inappropriate behavior like bribery and corruption. “
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what are they saying: House Rules Committee Chair Jim McGovern (de Maas) said in prepared notes: “I’ll note that we initially planned to go further – amending our Code of Conduct with this rulebook – but we heard some of our colleagues’ concerns. We agreed to spend more. Time to get just the right language. “

Editor’s Note: This post has been corrected to reflect that the manipulated photo that Gossar posted on Twitter was of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (not Iranian General Qassem Soleimani).

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