Barney will cease to be friends with all children.

The cute purple dinosaur, Barney, will return to screens with a movie made for adults, produced by Daniel Kaluuya.

Recently a film producer, Mattel Films, the popularity of the long-awaited premiere of the film was acknowledged Barbie By Greta Gerwig, however, via The New Yorker, it’s been confirmed that the creator of the defective plastic doll has an upcoming sequel that centers on the baby character Barney on the Doorstep, which seeks to lean toward “Millennium Pain,” said CEO Kevin McCune.

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With the most recent forecasts of Barbie In theaters, you can see the new and interesting perspective the character has taken compared to previous installments of the same, because this time around the doll isn’t as perfect as she’s been selling for years; This may give us an idea of ​​how Mattel Films may proceed down a different path for its upcoming projects.

At first it was suspected that the production company was planning to produce other films with the same idea of ​​​​removing the products that consist of the “childish” style, and this suspicion was realized, as today some American magazines became among the newspaper The New Yorker confirmed that the premiere of the film is expected for 2024 Barney.

The tape will be under my hand Daniel Kaluuyaa British actor, model and writer who has had various roles in the medium, as evidenced by the series skinsOr in his many movies Come out, nay, Judas and the black messiah, Among other things.

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“We tend to be more concerned with the millennial property than adjusting this for kids… It’s really a play for adults… Not that it’s R-rated, but it’s going to focus on some of the trials and tribulations of being a 30-something.” Many, they grew up with Barney , only the level of disappointment within the generation.”

Kevin McCune

In an interview with Mattel CEO Kevin McKeon, this was mentioned after the delivery Barbie, The film, which Kaluuya will also star in, will be somewhat “surreal” in the production company’s style A 24In addition, he will be starring Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze. “These directors probably aren’t the first two directors you think of when the Barney family name comes up,” he said.

The path Mattel is taking for the friendly purple dinosaur is undoubtedly something that could leave more than one with their mouths open. “Mattel is here to make art,” McCune said. In an interview with Yahoo UK, Kaluuya commented that he has been working on the project since 2019 and that the film is still in development due to the “high standards” expected from his efforts as an actor and producer.


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