8 habits for improving physical and mental health that I learned after a weekend detox

there are many Habits that improve our physical and mental health. So many, it is impossible to summarize them in one article. However, some in particular It’s easy to get established in our routine And they have enormous benefits for our well-being. That is exactly what this list is about. the Wellness retreats And Detox trendy. Seeking a haven of peace in the hectic pace of our lives is always a good thing and it’s starting to become almost a necessity. But the most important thing is after implementing one of these plans health is to be able to Learn specific tools To continue that overall wellness when you get home and back to normal. This is usually the goal of these retreats, in addition to carrying out plans Detoxwell-being or so Weight lossThey try to provide an accompaniment to teach patients good habits when the frantic pace returns. This is exactly what happened to me after a weekend in the clinic pallasitAnd It is known for its integrative style that seeks luxury in all its aspects. Visiting this iconic thermal center helped me realize the importance of stopping and embracing small changes to always feel so much better.

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#1. Less time on social media (and more time planning meals)

When I explain to a nutritionist Erin DominguezMD, who is in charge of the nutrition department at this clinic, notes that one of my biggest hurdles when it comes to eating better is lack of time to cook, responds with a statement that makes me rethink everything. “Oftentimes it is not about lack of time but the management we do. In fact, think about how much time you spend on social media that you can cut back on menu planning, shopping and cooking.” In fact, studies confirm that it takes about two hours a day. He is my goal, because he adds Paula Valenteteam nutritionist, “Improvising in front of the fridge is the worst way to start a meal. Anticipation makes management easier and weekly menu planning helps us make a complete shopping list.”

# 2. The importance of stretching

I’ve been doing small physical exercises every day for a long time, but I always skip the stretching part. Fatal error. Not only because they are essential for injury prevention but because, as Palasiet’s team points out, it’s essential to be aware of Poor postural habits and l Lengthen the figure. In fact, in the clinic they usually measure the patient’s height before starting the series muscle stretching classes. A week later, they measured again and made sure that this height could increase by a centimeter precisely because the muscles were stretched and lengthened.

# 3. Revitalize your metabolism with strength training

After doing a full analysis of my metabolic markers, Erin Dominguez reminds me of the importance of increasing strength training in my daily routine because “It activates the metabolism more than cardio exercises.. And this is confirmed by many studies: these exercises help to keep the basal metabolic rate high, which leads to burning more fat and more efficiently (even after training).

#4. Write down the first thought of the day

Lord Ramonpsychologist and head of the center’s counseling department, invited me to create a small habit as soon as I wake up that can completely change the way I experience the day: “It’s good to get up early, stretch and breathe consciously and Write down the first idea that comes to your mind because it will affect me dayAnd add another healthy habit: smiling to send a positive thought into our brain. Athletes do it at the end of races to get more energy and strength, and this causes in the brain what the expert calls “Mood drain, so the brain tries to adapt the mood of the face. In addition, we have the power to decide and we can choose to feel better to face the day,” he adds.

#5 Buy organic eggs and milk

“We eat what animals eat,” Irene Dominguez emphatically asserts after she recommended trying to buy eggs and milk of organic origin. “Not because of the pesticide issue associated with conventional farming, but because of the importance of animal feed to our bodies.”

#6. Make atomic changes

Lord Ramone insists on the importance of making small changes on all levels because “we are creatures of habit and we can’t pretend to change dramatically. Small changes lead to big improvements in life. They are much more positive and effective,” he explains. He calls these kinds of changes: atomic changes (Referring to the book Atomic habitsby James Clare, who challenges the belief that to change our lives we need radical changes).

# 7. Crunchy foods

There are some easy tricks to transform meals healthy and look cute. Paola Valiente explains that one of them is Play with the same board textures. “The salad will have a different taste by adding a crunchy touch, for example, roasting chickpeas It can even be seasoned,” he explains.

#8. Sourdough bread (because it is less flammable)

invest in Sourdough bread It’s more than recommended and necessary because, nutritionists explain, because it’s made with a long fermentation, lacking the yeast and bacteria typical of bread (the so-called probiotics that promote gut health), it’s possible for the gluten to break down. better digestibility. This also affects flatulence.

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