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Terminator is the protagonist of new autonomous robotic tanks in the United States

This tank has been tested and compared to the technology used in the Terminator film series. (Taken from YouTube channel: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

The United States Army has made a significant advance in its arsenal with the introduction of the RACER, an autonomous robotic tank designed to operate in various terrains and carry out multiple tactical and logistical missions, which has many similarities to the technology used in the Terminator film franchise.

The videos during testing left many similarities with films starring Arnold Schwarzeneggerwith some viewers pointing out aspects such as advanced technology and independence in the actions he carries out.

This vehicle, which weighs 12 tons and is 6.1 meters long, is distinguished by its ability to maneuver independently in complex scenarios, which represents a milestone in the application of robotic technology in military environments.

It is expected that the RACER robot tank will be integrated into military field work. (Image: DARPA)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)RACER, a leading entity developing innovative technologies for the US Army, announced that RACER is part of a broader program called Robotic Autonomy in Complex Resilient Environments.

This program seeks to expand the capabilities of the army’s fleet of autonomous vehicles, in order to improve the protection of convoys and facilitate rescue missions. In addition, RACER is expected to have a complementary 2-ton vehicle, intended to enhance its performance on the battlefield.

In recent tests, the RACER demonstrated its ability to navigate an area of ​​15 square miles, Face challenges such as varying vegetation heights and the presence of trees, shrubs, rocks, slopes, obstacles and bodies of water without showing signs of stopping.

RACER focuses on military tactics and protecting human life. (Image: DARPA)

The multiple functions this robotic tank is capable of Perform perimeter defence, surveillance, border patrol and crowd control tasksHighlights the potential of autonomous vehicles in enhancing the military’s defensive and tactical capabilities.

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Integrating advanced technology into the armed forces, especially in the form of autonomous robotic vehicles such as RACER, Demonstrates the United States Army’s intent to maintain technological superiority in the military domain.

This effort seeks not only to increase operational effectiveness, but also to protect the lives of soldiers by reducing the need for human presence in high-risk environments.

The Terminator was an icon in the 1980s for his commitment to the machine revolution. (Photo: Taken from X/Jon w)

On the other hand, RACER, the autonomous robotic tank developed by the United States Army, and the robots from the “Terminator” movie saga, share the characteristic of being autonomous systems with advanced capabilities to maneuver and operate in different environments without human intervention. direct.

Both represent the concept of advanced military machines designed to carry out missions with a high degree of autonomy. In fiction, Terminator robots. They are created to carry out specific missions with goals ranging from protection to human extermination, depending on their programming.

On the other hand, RACER is a real-life example of how autonomous robotics technology can be integrated into the military to improve operational effectiveness, increase troop safety by reducing the need for human presence in hazardous environments, and execute missions more efficiently. .

Although it is a product Sci-fiThese fictional robots have become a symbol of fear and fascination with the possibilities of artificial intelligence and autonomous robots.

The future is characterized by the inclusion of robots in various spaces of society. (picture information)

Its design and functions focus on achieving tactical and logistical objectives, such as protecting convoys and facilitating rescue missions.

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Although RACER and the robots from the movie “Terminator” They can share the quality of being independent and having military or tactical purposesIt is important to note that RACER is strictly controlled by ethical and legal regulations aimed at ensuring its responsible use.

In contrast, “Terminator” robots belong to a science fiction setting where robotic autonomy is offered without moral or ethical constraints, leading to catastrophic consequences for humanity.

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