The mysterious Roman rock that was discovered in the United Kingdom

in the UK, Archaeologists Volunteers excavate an ancient Roman site Discover A purple block that initially turns out to be a puzzle. This discovery occurred in the drain of some Roman baths, which are about 1,700 years old.

Wardell Armstrong, which is coordinating the excavation, revealed that the colorful piece is actually a sample of Tyrian purple, an extremely rare and valuable pigment that once cost more than gold.

Intrigued by curiosity about this matter DiscoveryThe specialists sent the sample to the laboratory for further analysis. The results confirmed that it was Tyrian purple, also known as Imperial purple. According to Frank Gekko, Archaeologist The main part of the project, this dye was produced in a complex and laborious way, as it required crushing thousands of seashells, and its production was limited to the Mediterranean coast and North Africa.

The piece found is roughly the size of a ping pong ball and, according to BBC reports, represents the only known specimen in Northern Europe and perhaps the only example in the entire Roman Empire of this pigment in a solid, unused state.

This type of pigment is usually found preserved in frescoes and sarcophagi. Excavations are continuing at the Roman baths site at Carlisle, located about 300 miles northwest of London.

In the midst of an environmental campaign, a startling discovery emerges from the past

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