“When each of the neighbors comes, you already know what they need.”

With nearly four decades of service to Francisco Javier Saldias, everyone calls him Paco. He arrived in Villaroya at the age of twenty-five, met Pilar Oliveros, also a pharmacist – a resident of the city, was his assistant and married with him, had two daughters – and since then he has always been on the other side of the city. Abacus and on the road through towns in the region. In 2007 he took up the pharmacy Cervera de la Cañada And after his wife’s retirement, in 2020, the business is already considered a medicine cabinet that relies on the latter. “It is a complex economic feasibility (VEC) if less than €200,000 is billed and there is little left.” to get to know. In fact, starting next year it will go up to 235,000, so maybe they can take advantage.

“When my wife opened it, in 1981, there were about 1,000 residents in the city. Now there are 300 and something.”, sums up. In Cervera from 10:30 to 12:30 and in Villarroya from 12:45 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 20:00. In addition, he goes to Clares, Malanquilla and Torrelapaga on Tuesdays and Fridays. “The future is such that everything depends on Aniñón. I have four years left until I retire and until I have a pharmacist’s daughter – who is now an assistant at Calatayud – I don’t think I’ll leave it to her. And don’t say it would be cheating.” In terms of assistance, Saldias says “they are set at 20 euros a month and with that you do nothing.”

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In this sense, he is of the opinion that “to give that, it is better that they remove our guards.” “Before there were 6 of us, but now there are 4 of us left and we have 14 people a year. It doesn’t make sense since there are very few people and they are not necessary,” he explains. He also admits it He is pessimistic about the future and estimates that one problem is that they can’t “even have staff to cover the holidays.”. Regarding these perspectives, he points out that his case is not the only one, since two months ago the nearby Villalengua took over the management of the Moros pharmacy. “The solutions are first aid kits. If they are well aligned, they don’t have to be a downgrade of the pharmacy service. The first aid kit performs the same functions as the pharmacy,” he estimates.

Personal service

Saldias asserts, with all the experience he has accumulated, that the problem responds directly to what is called Empty Spain. “Only by having work can there be people in the area. If there is no work, people leave and services cannot continue.”he argues.

In this context, with fewer and fewer neighbours, this favors a “practically home service”. “With the electronic prescription and authorization, work becomes easier for us and better for the patient.”, he explains. He sums it up by saying, “When every neighbor comes, you already know what they need.”

The stability of the doctors in the district also affected this: “Since they are the same, the treatments do not change.” However, he admits that this affinity means that “the worst case fatality.”

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